Thursday, November 01, 2007

all good in the halloweiner hood

halloweiner! my 3rd grade humor sensibilities always get the best of me. once again the best day of the year has come and gone. this has been a busy month for me. not my best october to date. i fancy myself carefree, but my month was chock full of things that needed to be done! i just need to start planning earlier for next year. perhaps sometime in april...sort of a heidibirthday/halloween launching party.

seriously folks, he does have clothes! really. and he does eat. his idol is not kate moss! his clothing removal skills are getting too good for me to keep up with.

i took the easy road this year and recycled thomas and my darth vader/princess leia costumes from 2 years ago. and scarlett is a pink poodle, not a bunny! hopefully you can tell what reagan is dressed up like. if you ask him, he would reply, "horsey pants!"
she loves it, it is in her blood. mwwahahaha!

trusty(nasty) blanket tucked under his arm

thomas is the ultimate jack-o-lantern scooper outer. our pumpkin innards are so smooth you could serve dinner out of it. pumkpin innards smell makes me want to barf; i think it is from 2 pregnant halloweens. so i do the carving. this is my attempt at making a mike tyson look-alike pumpkin. note the pink circle:
and iron mike himself:

the similarities are uncanny.


Heather said...

your kids are the cutest! happy birthday to me!

Meghan said...

Of course you have your blog updated with Halloween pictures already, mine are still in the camera. Very cute costumes! Your kids look absolutely thrilled to be all decked out for trick or treating.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I love how the pink poodle has her arms raised in protest to Darth Vader and his light saber!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Love the pink poodle outfit! I just want to hug her. And the cowboy costume is great too. I don't blame him for going without clothes all the time - I mean when else in your life is that acceptable? :)

Caroline said...

So So cute! Love the costumes! Did you win any contests? Scarlett looks so pretty! Sydney was a pink poodle her second Halloween.

Sarah Beck said...

Cute, cute Scarlett! She looks so great in that pink poodle. And of course the horse looks good too :) Isn't it fun to dress up too? You guys look great as always!

Elizabeth said...

lol, love it! Sorry it wasn't a great October, but your kids are adorable in their costumes. Horsey pants, that's awesome! And I love your Star Wars costumes. They look great! :)

Valoree said...

Cute family! I love reading your posts...always so entertaining!

Jessica said...

okay. so scarlett looks BEYOND adorable in those pics. and i LOVE the horsey pants on reagan. it looks like y'all had a fun time.

and happy birthday to heather, too!