Monday, November 12, 2007

scarlett o'baby

remember the blessing dress travesty of ridiculous proportion?
it seems to have turned out all right in the end.
but don't let that angelic smile fool you, she is no respecter of clothing.

mama drama
this morning i took the kids shopping at a consignment store for some cooler weather clothing. as we are walking around i notice the distinct odor of barf. i am thinking that some kid must have just barfed and they barely got it cleaned up. i continue perusing the great deals. some people must only let their kids wear an outfit once because i got some fantastic deals. the barf smell continues to follow us. i can't seem to get away. my head is beginning to hurt because of the intense barf scent. i then make the realization that it is us that smells! sometime during the night reagan barfed on his blanket and i didn't notice until right then. it makes sense because i had to tell reagan to go get his blanket before we left the house and that is usually never the case! reagan knew it smelled bad and he didn't want to bring it. i quickly made my purchases and ran out the door. i am sure they won't miss my patronage in the future.


Anonymous said...

you should really be more careful.

heidi said...

heather!!! i know that was you!

joe and jessica said...

Well you definitely have a beauty on your hands. She is so adorable. I just do not know how you find the time to write blogs...and with two babies...i barely can find time to shave my legs. :) Stay in touch girl...miss yah.

Sarah Beck said...

Scarlett's such a cutie!

Caroline said...

So glad you recovered that beautiful dress! Precious pictures!
Okay-that is so gross! I think he throws up more than any child I know! Bless your heart!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

That's hilarious about the blanket. Love the pictures of Scarlett!

Debbie said...

Scarlett is so beautiful!

I'm with "joe and jessica" I don't know how you blog everyday! You are very determined! I barely have time to shave my legs either. As long as they are shaved for church on Sunday, that's all I care about.. haha