Sunday, February 08, 2015

date night in baby jail

As far as ideal date circumstances go, I'm sure friday night in the nicu with a heavily drugged, heavily swollen, high risk post natal mom with a makeshift ice pack constructed out of ice and a preemie size diaper strapped to her stomach ranks pretty low on most people's must do lists. But lucky for Thomas,  I was able to help him check off that dream. I don't need much when I'm with Thomas. I didn't even have to wear a bra.

I wore my nicest, baby poop colored hospital gown for the occasion.   

we capped off the night with big cups of pebbled ice. It was heaven. Thomas spent about 20 minutes googling heavy duty, at home, hospital quality pebbled ice maker for our next ananniversary. He always promised we'd have it all!
the best part of being married to someone is doing nothing with that someone and it's one of the best times you've had in a long time.
hersch update- adorable. likes to pull out his canulla and his feeding tube. Kicks and flings his arms when he hears dad's voice. Recoils in horror at mom's cackle.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

all that is good in the world

I had a baby 12 hours ago!  A premature baby even.
I have not properly bathed, shaved, brushed my teeth, removed my contacts or even washed my face in what feels like daaaays and I'm still sitting on top of the world.
Almost everything has been an ordeal of epic proportions, which I will painstakingly and minutely record on another day, and not at 1:30am.
but I do want to record how happy and wonderful I feel. Nothing went smoothly. My health status fluctuated from minute to minute, from scary to worse. I wasn't allowed to walk. I had no overnight bag. Baby Hersch was the easiest member of the party.  
But no big deal. I ultimately had one of the best days ever.
I saw so many people reach out in service and love to my family.
I had several silly text conversations with my reliably fun, sarcastic and ready to entertain and inform convotextionalists friends. My sweet husband made all school and homefront things happen, even taking a conference call with Blythe on hand(or lap). Just thomas walking in the room made everything feel better.
The Spirit was attending to me through so many mediums and great things happened. 

Herschel Ezra Simpson
February 4th at 1:47pm
3lbs 9 ounces
born at 33 weeks gestation,  7 weeks premature