Monday, November 13, 2006

america's next top model

reagan has broken our camera, so i have been relegated to scanning pictures in. 2 weeeks ago i took reagan in for his 18 month pictures, (even though this week he will be 20 months). we had a great time and i spent WAY too much money on all his pictures. this is just a handful of the shots i got. reagan was a natural model. he had a great time being the center of attention. he sang and danced without any prodding. i always wanted to be a model, perhaps i will settle for stage mother?

this was the hardest shot to get. reagan kept throwing the ball at the photographer. bytheway, georgia SCHLOCKED auburn on saturday. it was beautiful. thomas and i wore red and black on sunday to taunt our heavily auburn fan populated ward. you can't keep a good dawg down.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the adventures of batdog and spider boy!

meatball was thrilled to be included in this year's festivities. he loves a good costume.

reagan wasn't really interested in going from house to house. we went to one neighbor's house and then we headed home. he really wanted to throw this ball around the yard. everyone celebrates in their own way, i guess. he was a good little helper when people came to the door. he scooped up piles of candy and most of the time put it in the trick or treaters bags. i had to help him out a few times.

the sooperheroes make their walk home together.