Tuesday, February 16, 2010

yikes bikes

busy doesn't even begin to describe this past weekend. chaotic and high calorie. that would sum it up shortly and sweetly. since i don't have time to elaborate, each picture gets 6 words, sometimes less. and you can piece the rest together with your imagination.

bridal shower, but no shower:

great friends, blind person impersonation:

no comment:

matchy matchy, not even planned:

a great haul:

can you see heather?

attention hog at chuck e cheese:

great friends, still no shower:

chuck e cheese=scared to death(seriously, a dancing rat serving food? yikes bikes!)

reagan's affinity for evil, zurg:

best dressed by their mama:

stinky faces for valentine's breaky:

ugly ameoba kiss pancakes:

3 more boxes in freezer:

typical post church fashions:

post church fashion the next generation:
***shirt says, "tina you fat lard, get some dinner." classy. and found in my brothers closet with tags on***

mom's hand in picture-typical sandy:

zurg squared:

practice hair for wedding(not really, don't die natalie)

great food, worstest service EVER:

italian nachos+waistband=maternity pants needed

GIANT reese's peanut butter heart- 180 calories, 10 grams of fat per serving, 4 servings

two minutes flat

thanks for reading:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

where the skies are so blue

in the immortal words of jessie spano, "i'm so excited. i'm so scared."
excited? because we are moving to...

our adopted homeland. sweet home.
scared? because we are moving back to our adopted homeland of alabama in 2 weeks. hello?
after much job searching and soul searching and LOTS of tears(just me), big T accepted a new job that doesn't require his whole soul(or what's left of it).

the pros?
-warm climate
-just hours from the beach
-national champion caliber college football(ROLL TIDE)
-more family time, or family time at all. it will be a new concept.
-two hours to the ATL(and h&m and ikea and great friends)
-seeing wonderful old friends from our montgomery and tuscaloosa days
-cooking food in pure lard and deep frying something for every meal
-taco casa(not really. sorry, caroline)
-having a temple sososo close.
-my house is so clean right now so that i am always ready for a showing. i LOVE it. sterile should be my middle name.

the cons?
-leaving my mom and dad
-leaving our beautiful home that we love so much
-leaving our WONDERFUL and AMAZING friends. i am still crying about this one. often. more often than i would like to admit.
-leaving my mom and dad. i find repressing my feelings on this one to be the only way to get through it.
-that long year of loneliness before you really solidify good friendships. i am already trying to tone down my personality as we speak so that people will not be afraid of my sense of humor and raucous laughter. but i won't tone down my outfits.
-packing up all my stuff into a van and moving it to a new place. this is my Personal with a CAPITAL P hell.
-selling our house. selling our house. selling our house. and having to drive meatball around in the car with me while we are having showings.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

discerning tastes

scarlett: "we don't eat poop sammiches."

reagan: "yeah, because we would still be hungry for cheese sammiches."