Thursday, February 11, 2010

where the skies are so blue

in the immortal words of jessie spano, "i'm so excited. i'm so scared."
excited? because we are moving to...

our adopted homeland. sweet home.
scared? because we are moving back to our adopted homeland of alabama in 2 weeks. hello?
after much job searching and soul searching and LOTS of tears(just me), big T accepted a new job that doesn't require his whole soul(or what's left of it).

the pros?
-warm climate
-just hours from the beach
-national champion caliber college football(ROLL TIDE)
-more family time, or family time at all. it will be a new concept.
-two hours to the ATL(and h&m and ikea and great friends)
-seeing wonderful old friends from our montgomery and tuscaloosa days
-cooking food in pure lard and deep frying something for every meal
-taco casa(not really. sorry, caroline)
-having a temple sososo close.
-my house is so clean right now so that i am always ready for a showing. i LOVE it. sterile should be my middle name.

the cons?
-leaving my mom and dad
-leaving our beautiful home that we love so much
-leaving our WONDERFUL and AMAZING friends. i am still crying about this one. often. more often than i would like to admit.
-leaving my mom and dad. i find repressing my feelings on this one to be the only way to get through it.
-that long year of loneliness before you really solidify good friendships. i am already trying to tone down my personality as we speak so that people will not be afraid of my sense of humor and raucous laughter. but i won't tone down my outfits.
-packing up all my stuff into a van and moving it to a new place. this is my Personal with a CAPITAL P hell.
-selling our house. selling our house. selling our house. and having to drive meatball around in the car with me while we are having showings.


Lindsey said...

I heard the good news. Congratulations! KC will miss you though. I know. I've been there. TWICE.

Meredith said...

Of course, we're so sad that you're leaving, but so excited for your family and the new adventures you will have down south! PLEASE call us to help with anything and everything to get you packed and loaded up!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

So ATL has great friends, but KC has amazing and wonderful friends? Hmm...

Hahahaha - we so wouldn't be friends if I were really offended by that. Good luck w/the move! We'll be over to visit probably before you're ready. So get ready.

The May family said...

Heidi, will you be coming back to Montgomery? What part of Alabama? I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your fun, clever blog posts. It would be so great to have you back here!

Rocketgirl said...

Oh, the fact that you know the greatest SBTB quote ever (I like to recreate it at parties and no one EVER gets it. Dummies) brings me joy. Ug, the moving - yay and AK!! All your pics and adventures make me desperate to live somewhere cool like Kansas... you make it look good. But I suspect you will have a way of making me wish I lived in Alabama next. You just make life look gooood. I hear you on the lonely year... it does take time to make buddies dang it. Glad you aren't toning down the clothes. When I try to tone down my personality, I still offend... and shock. How unfair is that?? At least the southerners are used to it :)

Emily C said...

i think this sounds so exciting.

i too am DREADING packing up all our crap. especially being 8 months pregnant. i'm starting to have nightmares. considering i'm already walking like a cripple.

lrbodine said...

What part of Alabama are you moving to? Good luck with the move! Sounds like a big adventure.

Jessica said...

yay for family time!!! but boo for leaving the great state of missouri just before we will be moving there ourselves. :(

and i don't think you should tone down your personality one bit! you are fun, funny, and fashionable. who wouldn't love that??

sterile will never be my middle name, unfortunately. that is what i am least looking forward to when we put our house up for sale...

amanda said...

Glad to have you closer.

Don't tone down your personality. That way- you can weed out the unfunny, uncool people right off the bat. There's nothing like making a really stupid joke in front of a lot of people and having everyone just stare at you.

Julianne said...

Wow, what a big change (I mean, sort of...I suppose you've lived there before...but still). I hope your Personal hell is a little more bearable. And I hope your doggie doesn't pee pee in your car on all your rides with him (though that part of your post made me laugh).

Moving sucks. It just does.

You hit it on the nose - the first year after moving is the thing I'm scared about when we leave here after school in a year, too...I HATE the year of not having any friends. You're so friendly, though, and it's a familiar place, that hopefully it will be a faster transition.

Also your SBTB line made me laugh; I say that here and there and most people don't really get it. Ryan does, but only b/c I've made him watch that episode.

Good lucksie, and congratulations on the job.

Jess said...

I'm hoping this means we'll see the Simpsons more often!!

Leigh Collins said...

NO FREAKIN' WAY!!!! So are you keeping the location a huge mystery or what? Everyone (especially those of us who are your southern friends) wants to know WHERE in Alabama? Hurry Up and Answer!!!

Devlin Day's said...

My mom told me. I am sad for you but happy for you at the same time. You make friends wherever you go because you are freakin awesome. I am sure you will find a great house that is perfect for the whole family.

Jessica said...

You are really moving away from Carie?? If I lived by her I would never move.

Except I kind of love moving. The new house, new ward, new place to discover is a little thrilling. (i wish it didn't involve packing up a house, though.)

Rachelle said...

good luck on the move! and everyone loves you...they always have! you are just "that" girl that makes everyone smile - you have always been that way! alabama is lucky to have you!

Paula said...

I am so excited!! I can't wait to see you even though I am sorry it is going to be a hard move.

Grandma Marie said...

Hi Heidi--it's your Aunt Marie, your mom's big sister--and I can tell you more than anyone, she is crying AS HARD AS YOU!! It's bad enough having you leave, but The GRANDCHILDREN!! Need I say more? Sounds like its time to buy a book of super saver roundtrip tickets!!

Caroline said...

SO excited about having you back HOME in Bama! I can't believe you will only be an hour away from me! Can't wait to see you and the kids and even meatball. Oh meatball and Camo just have to meet. Thanks for the shout-out about Taco Casa! HAHA! You know you love it!

Michelle said...

Heidi! We will be so happy to have you back! We're here in Vestavia, Birmingham 1st ward, so are Stephen and Jill....Where will ya'll be?

Melissa said...

I just read your blog for the first time in a while and saw you have now moved back to the south! Crazy! Too bad we are far away and back out West. I'll admit though, we kind of miss it out there - roaches, lard and all. I hope it feels like home soon - I hear you about the one-year time line to making good, comfortable friends. But who wouldn't want a crazy girl from the midwest with an affinity for Gone with the Wind to be their new BFF?