Tuesday, October 11, 2011

coming soon

may 2, 2012
(where do you think i can find one of those flattering dresses?)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

conference thoughts

conference weekend! we try to watch as many sessions as we can at home, but i do like to make it to the chapel for at least one session. with the 4 people in our family, we occupied 3 pews. that is how we stay reverent. 
once again, conference was for me. i got so many inspired and uplifting things out of it. i especially enjoyed elaine s. dalton's talk on fathers being a positive influence in the lives of their daughters. i really like how sister dalton is always so emphatic that virtue is empowering. i love that. it's true and one of the best weapons against immorality.

i also really enjoyed elder randall k. bennett's talk on the gift of choice. how it is so easy to choose eternal life when we have the correct priorities. the comment that really got me is when he said," do we wish we could only play, only eat ice cream and never go to bed?" it is very easy to confuse why we don't do what we should with being "busy" when we are really being "apathetic". i like ice cream a lot, but i need to realize that not everything can be sweet, work is an important aspect to our lives and our spiritual development and that it's never too late and never too hard to make a correct choice. 
finally, i enjoyed j devn cornish's comment, "Heavenly Father wants to bless us but He will not infringe upon our agency." we must approach him in prayer, we must be honest in our request and actions and we must repent.

on a non-Gospel note, the weather was so perfect on saturday afternoon that we had bike races and played hide and seek at the park. 

i also bought a large tub of cookies and cream ice cream and thoroughly enjoyed that as my "after hours" treat with thomas. "put the kids to sleep, get out the ice cream". that is what my parenting book will be called.