Monday, December 31, 2007

return to the motherland

today was the day that i left my adopted home of the deep south to return back to the motherland of the great midwest. i wish that i could say that it was a pleasant and uneventful plane trip, but i can't lie. it is never that easy. especially when reagan and i had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before. wrangling one child by yourself on a long flight is one thing; i had experienced that rodeo numerous times before with minimal problems. wrangling two small children by yourself on a 6am flight with a LONG layover in atlanta(the most ridiculously crowded airport in the universe) is a whole other kettle of fish. the onetime pleasant and enjoyable traveling companion that i once had in reagan was not there today.
i had just watched this bill cosby stand up routine the day before i traveled. i had seen it a few times before, but it really hit home today. perhaps this clip can better describe my experience.

my saving grace of the day was when my anguished and pleading prayer was answered in the form of a former nanny that offered to hold scarlett while reagan and i tangoed through the duration of the flight. i have never had a prayer answered so instantaneously. one minute i am on the verge of tears with two screaming children clinging to my neck and the next moment, both children are calm and soothed. a new year's eve miracle.

Monday, December 17, 2007

family bliss

this pretty much says it all:

*to those with keen vision, i am well aware that i am wearing gold shoes, gold sequin trim and silver jewelry. it's a fashion statement. it's called crazymom. try it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

forever in flip flops

thomas, scarlett and i spent a quick weekend in KC to do some serious house hunting. it was pretty much a dream come true. except for this part:
the view from my mom's driveway. YOW! an ice storm blew in the day before! it was culture shock! we left beautiful, sunny 75 degree weather and we were welcomed by ice, freezing rain and snowflakes. the snowflakes were fun, but the rest was enough to make me want to go back to savannah and deposit myself out in the grass and have the nice autumn breezes waft crunchy leaves on my face!
my mom's back yard view.
the pernicious path of icy doom, also known as the front walk.
why are we doing this? summer clothes are so much cheaper than winter clothes. i feel like i am going to need a whole new wardrobe. especially boots! i guess there are some pluses.
only our burning, passionate love for one another will keep us warm.
most of the house hunting that we did we pretty normal; fresh paint, recently vacuumed carpet, neutral decor. then we came upon this last house. it was the most interesting house we had seen all day.
check out this wallpaper:
this wallpaper covered a huge room with 12 foot walls. at first glance i was rendered speechless. i wish my batteries in my camera had been working better because this horse wallpaper was in 3 different rooms. there was this, a hunter green version and a black version. floor to ceiling. nice. reeeal nice.

what a great way to end a great day of house hunting!

we got back last night and i decided that our little fam was going to enjoy our few remaining weeks of warmth and sunshine until spring rolls around in KC in a few months. we went to the park and "gave the ducks some bwead" as reagan calls it. then we wiled away the time swinging and playing on the slides.

i am determined to wear flip flops, sandals, anything opened toe until we move. perhaps there will even be an appearance of my bare alabaster legs in a skirt. societal conventions be darned!