Thursday, May 15, 2008

twenty seven thirty eight

thomas and i ran in the inaugural raytown family 5k on saturday. let me tell you what, i was awesome. AWESOME! what's the point of a blog if you can't tell everyone how great you are? well, here it is again in case you missed it. I AM GREAT. i have never run so fast in my entire life. i am not athletically inclined whatsoever and i don't really like running in the first place. and people that say that do are liars. i ran my first mile in nine minutes and my finish time was 27:38. i was in tears when i saw my time. i don't know how i made it over the finish line without tripping. i am a big baby. and i beat thomas(not by much though) so it was doubley sweet. tripley sweet if you count the cookies i ate when i got home. quadupley sweet if you look at how white my legs are in my booty shorts:
***yes marci, that is your blue springs high school cross country t-shirt from 15 years ago. i still have it. and i am probably never ever going to give it back, so thanks for the inspirational shirt. it's most likely the reason i did so well.
luckily for me and everyone else at the race, georgia man showed up. some of you know him by his alter-ego of thomas, but thomas hates running. so georgia man showed up in his place. please note the georgia socks. georgia man went about his duties at the race of spreading good legal advice, witty repartee and the news of georgia football dominance to everyone that will listen. this is our year baby!

our re-enactment in the front yard. i often wonder how i get thomas to go along with my re-enactment pictures. his face is not pleased. but look at me, ecstatic! blame it on the runner's high.
in order to properly inform everyone of my excellent time, i decided to permanently tatoo my time on my forehead.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

the toothless wonder has learned to crawl

scarlett turned 10 months on the 28th. that same week scarlett went from scooting lump to speed demon. after months of non-crawling scooting(which seemed to please her just fine) she took the plunge and actually used her arms and legs for movement instead of rolling, squirming, squishing and blobbing around the house. thank goodness she left blobbing around the house for me to do. i love an evening of blobbing. especially after a big dinner of mexican food and ice cream.

when she was bored with an afternoon of crawling, she decided cruising furniture was next on her list.

still, with these hugely important accomplishments, NO TEETH! not a tooth in her head! reagan had teeth at 4 months. i am beginning to worry that no teeth are ever going to come. it's my punishment for pouring water in my brother's bed and trying to convince everyone david had a bed-wetting problem. it was really funny at the time, but was it worth this? she will be the only kid in kindergarten with dentures. i will have to buy polident for my child before i need to buy it for me. until now my greatest tooth phobia was me losing my teeth while biting into a whether's original hard candy or as the result of a freak roller coaster accident(it could happen). but no, having a child with no teeth is worse. definitely worse. how can i be a stage mother and shamelessly promote my child/model/cash cow to support my wicked shoe habit if all she has to show the casting director is a mouth full of gums. gummy o'hara doesn't work for me. they are beautiful gums, but gums don't pay the light bill.

everything is up to date in kansas city

but not neccesarily in jamesport, mo.

we took a day trip to adam-ondi-ahman and jamesport. pretty drive, but we would never want to have our car break down out there. we would be stranded for days in little towns that time forgot. sort of like swiss family robinson, but swiss family simpson. we certainly would have our pick of the finest amish furniture around, but i don't think the amish would have appreciated me turning my nose up at their outhouses. seriously, there wasn't a mcdonald's for 20. and they have mcdonald's pretty much everywhere. third world countries have mcdonald's, jamesport, mo does not. we were able to eat at a fantastic amish restaurant. home cooked vittles just like granny never made. plus, check out the classy shopping options.

anywhooo, the weather was so fantastic this weekend, i had to take a picture of our house with the trees in full bloom. the pink tree next to the porch is a flowering dogwood, state tree of missouri. who says you never learn anything from me? we also have some flowers growing that the neighbor claims are called "naked ladies". i will definitely be replanting those next year. naked ladies every spring!
love it!