Saturday, March 23, 2013

reagan, the matter-of-fact magician

over the past year, reagan has been getting into harry potter and that whole alternative lifestyle. he got this great hogwart's wizard robe for his birthday from grandma sandy and he has been turning every stylus-shaped object into a magic wand. but when he's asked about his wizardry skills, he replies, "i'm not a wizard. i'm just a magic person." then he proceeds to look at you like you're stupid. he's really funny about his magic shows that he puts on. he can make anything smaller than a shoe disappear as long as you close your eyes. one of his best tricks involves 5 snakes and a blanket. that description doesn't do it true justice. it's 1 part magic, 2 parts subtraction and 5 parts imagination. he's also been making up his own spells. unfortuntaley, they don't all work that well. i've been borowing his "cleanius maximus" spell but i've had very limited results. 

Friday, March 22, 2013


reagan is 8! he had his birthday and birthday party on the same day and that doesn't just happen. 
it was a wonderous and glorious day that started out with 2 breakfasts. he's a cereal lover after my own heart and a mcdonald's breakfast lover like thomas. the best of both worlds. 

we had the most perfect weather, which i am pretty sure is the result of much prayer. outdoor parties in mid-march bring me to my knees like nothing else. 

i got a little crazy with the cupcakes. after a pep talk from a crafty friend, i decided that i could do something beyond ordering my regular costco cake. behold, my creations! go ahead and pinterestize this:

we did a repeat from last year. we stick with what works. 

an artistic shot of my budding tree and the bounce house showing the seamless blend of nature and industry. 

and yet some kids shunned the modern entertainment and stuck with the old stand bys. birthday party hipsters, if you will.
"pig" from word world made an appearance. 

 blythe, the pine cone licker. poor third child. always filthy.

it was pretty fantastic. i love when people love reagan. there is no better feeling.  

and the gratuitous photo parade of my delightful children:

reagan was even lucky enough to experience his first 8 minute long time out on his birthday. one minute for every year of life. he kept turning off the blowers that keep the bounce houses up and running whilst scarlett was at the top of the slide. funny, but totally and completely dangerous. 

but all fun things must come to an end. bedtime was gloriously simple that night.

seriously, the 3rd child is adorably disgusting. she is a blender without a lid just waiting to be plugged in.
the end!