Thursday, May 31, 2012

a post of epic proportions

may was pretty epic. with a new baby, family in town, end of school preparations, i kept thinking, so much happened and this post will include every single bit of it. a post of epic proportions!!!

the weather warmed up and we jumped on the tramp with the water hose. 

grandma sandy visited. dress up clothes were donned. EPIC SEQUINS on grandma sandy's part. we were fortunate to celebrate mother's day with my mom. i planned a gigantic post about how great my mom is, but that obviously didn't happen. but i will say, one of the most important things my mom ever taught me was to always look out for others who may need a friend. 

we made a lot of my mom's famous blondies. this was the pan i attacked single-handedly.

 we visited thomas' office. his office happens to overlook a baseball stadium. it's pretty cool. 

athena made her presence known by pooping all over my mom. a repeat of scarlett pooping all over my mom 5 years ago.

i implemented a new job chart. it's been pretty effective. the prize at the end of the week is to go downtown or what a movie. which we already do. hopefully they won't catch on to that part.

reagan had his awards day at school. he received the "timex" award, for the child most aware of the daily schedule and staying on schedule and the "sense of humor" award, voted on by his class and the kid making the most jokes.
reagan and his delightful teacher miss waldrop. i was worried when i met miss waldrop that she wouldn't be a very good teacher because she was so pretty and young. i was so wrong. she was a wonderful teacher who just happened to be pretty and young.

scarlett had her last day of pre-k. she learned a TON but i don't think she will miss her teachers.

gratuitous family pictures:

the face i get when i say no to something, like that giant lollipop.

the balloon festival was too expensive to attend, so we just drove around chasing hot air balloons.

most epic excuse for being late to church- there was a bird flying around the inside of our house

the end. sorry for the weak commentary. that's just how epic this month was. i'm at a loss for words.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


scarlett has taken the role of little mother. athena is so lucky. 

she will gleefully set up the "diaper changing station!" and will joyfully inform me that the baby is screaming(as if i can't hear it). 

scarlett must be breathing on her or touching her at all times.

 it's really sweet. and in 5 years when the sisterly roles reverse, i'll pull these pictures out to remind scarlett of how much she smothered(loved) her little sister. 

and my barfday. little mother insisted we wear party dresses. then she wanted to decorate my cake with a race car. after that she sneezed on it.

thomas ordered me a special cake and bought me exactly what i wanted: new knives.
though i do question the wisdom of giving me knives when i've been going on little sleep and none of my clothes fit. those two elements make me feel a little stabby.