Friday, April 27, 2007

the ER, 30 weeks and booger picking

2 year-olds. go figure. now that reagan's mode of travel is constant running, he is a human bruise. our tally in the past 12 months is now at 3 visits to the emergency room. last june was the broken arm, last month was the hot dog incident and last night was the gaping head wound that had to be sealed up with 6 stitches. yeah, that's about right. reagan tripped and hit his head on the corner of the dresser and cut a huge gash into his forehead. thankfully while we were waiting(for nearly 5 hours) to get stitched up, our little man found a vacuum to occupy his time. as far as hospital visits go, reagan was in remarkably good spirits and was easily entertained for the duration of the visit. the hardest part was holding my teeny child down on a bed while he was screaming my name at the top of his lungs as the doctor stitched his head up. MOOOOMMMMMYYY! heartwrenching. at least in this picture, the smile is larger than the head wound.

on a happier note, today is my 30 week mark. only 10 more weeks and then i will have 2 children to cart off to the emergency room.

reagan's latest habit he has picked up. pleased as punch with himself!

Monday, April 23, 2007

oh april, where art thou?

this month has been crazybusy. i can't believe that i have only posted once so far this month. especially since april is THE BEST month of the year. for various reasons.

we had our friends, the rexs, over for easter dinner and then their little girl and reagan had a egg hunt in our back yard.

reagan still wasn't 100% on the whole get-the-eggs-they-have-candy-inside concept. he really wanted to throw them around the yard. but once we were inside and opened the eggs up, the "yandy" was discovered and tooth decay was enjoyed by all.

this past week we spent time in waycross. thomas had to attend oral arguments in jacksonville, about an hour from waycross, so reagan and i spent the week with bubba and mimi susu.

waycross is a railroad town, which is how it got its name, where the ways cross. we visited the okeefenokee heritage center and toured the okeefenokee chief locomotive.

being at bubba and susu's house was fascinating to reagan. so many things to climb on and so many things to throw. plus, 2 huge dogs, a gazillion cats, and a herd of cattle.

catching up on some reading in susu's sunroom.

no pants makes for the best reading.

also, while in waycross, thomas was sworn in to the georgia bar.

reagan wasn't too impressed, he was really interested in running around the courtroom with a set of keys, trying to find locks that needed opening.

on the trip down, meatball got tired of sitting on his pillow and decided that he wanted to sit on somebody's lap. thomas and i both pushed him away and so he tried for reagan's lap. this last about 20 seconds. reagan thought it was great. meatball realized again that he is not a reagan fan.

posing on the farm.
posing in front of the old, old, old waycross hospital, where actor burt reynolds was born.

>driving back through southern georgia we noticed some true blue georgia fans. if you can't tell, that is a huge 'G' painted on the side of a barn.
a shot of my georgia boys. i think it is so dorky when moms and daughters dress alike. but for some reason i am a sucker when it comes to daddys and little boys.

Monday, April 02, 2007

welcome to the jungle

thomas and i have felt very fortunate to be able to rent the house that we are in. we have plenty of room and no loud neighbors to bother us. we live on a cul-de-sac, so our street is usually pretty quiet. there are 2 large parks just down the road from us and our neighborhood is very well maintained. that is, except for one house...
the house next door to us has a nightmare for a yard. in the time since we have lived here, they have never once completely mowed their lawn. i think PARTS of the front yard have been cut maybe twice since august. but they are AUBURN fans, so what do you expect?

this is a photo of their back yard. please note the golf course length grass on our side of the fence. thomas is quite meticulous about keeping our yard presentable. he does an excellent job. unfortunately, he could mow the lawn once every few months and our yard would still look a gabillion times better than the neighbors.

please note the 3 lawnmowers in the backyard. the riding mower is under the blue tarpulin. someone must have actually been in the back yard recently because all winter long, weeds were growing through the two push mowers. when we first moved in, i didn't think there were any windows on the back of their house. when they had their roof redone a few months ago, the roofers had to pull some of the vines off the house in order to get work done. and voila! there were windows!
from this angle you can see parts of a swingset and an old barbeque grill. behind the wooden fence is a swimming pool. i can only guess what condition that is in.
if you look closely, you can see a rusted porch swing.
thomas and i are also grateful that we don't own our house. we can simply pack up and move away at the end of our lease. can you imagine how hard it would be to sell this house with the amazon jungle next door? we would probably have to pay a lawn service ourselves to have their lawn taken care of. if i were them, i would probably just set the entire backyard on fire and burn it to the ground and then start over.