Friday, December 11, 2009

are you part of the revolution?

because i am. i recently devoured(punny) the hunger games by suzanne collins and the sequel catching fire. great books! ALL CAPS GREAT BOOKS! i gave them both 5 stars on goodreads. and i don't do that everyday. i can only think of one other book for sure.(are we friends on goodreads? we should be. be my friend.) fun, easy, clean, creative, adventurous, motivating and exciting. plenty to think about and to chew on(HA!). and katniss is my kind of heroine. tough as nails yet vulnerable. like scarlett o'hara.

i purchased my mockingjay pin today and i think that just about puts me over the top for a very youthful and very hip 29 year old wife and mother of two. i was a touch disappointed that the pin was so ugly. but for $3.50 that's what you get. it's delightfully tacky, just like hooters. and refined, just like me.

i encourage everyone to RUN(like someone is trying to kill you) to their nearest bookstore and purchase these books. especially since it took me 6 MONTHS on the waiting list at the library to get the first one. if i had known it was going to be this fantastic i would have bought it outright and not waited. now that you have been warned-ask for them for christmas! cancel your other plans and read. start planning your ideal movie cast. i want to play katniss.(surprise!) i am already planning my katniss everdeen halloween costume. it should be ready by april. perhaps i will wear it for my birthday. who will want to go out with me dressed like that? the mockingjay pin is just the first step. i already own adequate boots and pants. i also need an orange tunic and a bow and a quiver of arrows. and some arrow shooting skillz. and some selflessness and courage.

the final book comes out in august of 2010. i hope i can make it that long. i would hate to tragically die between now and then and miss that coming out. what a downer that would be.

Monday, December 07, 2009

i am my own worst enemy

a short list of things i said that i would never do:

1. make scarlett and me wear coordinating outfits. i still have flashbacks of puffy black gauze and hot pink sparkles and polka dots on early 90s style drop waist easter dresses that i wore when i was 11 and my sister was 7. but as i recall my mom said she got a "really good deal" on them. i think i've already used that line too much with scarlett(and thomas). yikes bikes :

*please note reagan's hand on scarlett's head. it's like he can't help himself. he's addicted to touching her head.

2. let my kid run around with no pants(or a really boogery nose and her brother's socks):

3. have colored lights on a christmas tree. AND not rearrange the ornaments the kids put up after doing a shoddy job. they have no innate sense of ornament balance. and the red lights make it look like a satan tree. it's killing me. it looks like the little tree that couldn't:

*it's a double threat, red lights and no pants. i'm sure there's a joke in that somewhere.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

there are monsters at the end of this post

a week of gratitude. in no particular order.

1. three rivalry weekend wins.
courtesy of my husband:

rivalry weekend was good to us. alabama, georgia and byu all made it happen. and if any of those teams are taking requests, how about a nice blowout next year so i am not so stressed at the end of ALL THREE GAMES? and i am not talking diaper blowout. i've had enough of those, thanks. i was sick to my stomach by the end of the byu-utah game. i think i am developing a football induced ulcer.

2. thanksgiving morning flag footballit was cold, but the kidlets and i loved it. and i get extra points for being only one of two supportive wives that showed up. (ooh, does it burn?)

2.5. the nice boys who let my little reagan run around the field with them while they were playing flag football with some of the dads. reagan LOVED IT. it warmed the icy cockles in my chest where most people keep their hearts.

3. totally presh photo opportunities because thomas had the day off.
4. the sister missionaries. we were blessed to have the sister missionaries in our home for thanksgiving. i melted as soon as they came in our door. i felt like our holiday was suddenly complete. we were so blessed by their presence. i love them. sister card is from utah and sister sasaki is from japan. (guess which one is which!) i always wanted to be japanese when i grew up. hopefully there is still a chance.
5. my stinky kids. regardless of body odor, i just like them. love them, even. it was so nice that they wanted ME, the slob in the sweats and apron to be their chair. meatball even joined in the displays of affection.

6. parents that will take family pictures of my little clan. i want a nice family picture SO badly that i force my mom and dad to take pictures of us in these faux happy settings each and every time that we are together in hopes that perhaps this time might be the mythical good picture. i know it is a pain and i am the ONLY person in my family who truly enjoys getting their picture taken. and because of this, none of them turn out very well. but i keep trying. and i am grateful for my parent's photography efforts. (even if i alway have to crop my mom's fingers out of the final product.)

and yes, we are the monsters at the end of this post. i am grateful that i get to have these monsters in my life.