Tuesday, December 01, 2009

there are monsters at the end of this post

a week of gratitude. in no particular order.

1. three rivalry weekend wins.
courtesy of my husband:

rivalry weekend was good to us. alabama, georgia and byu all made it happen. and if any of those teams are taking requests, how about a nice blowout next year so i am not so stressed at the end of ALL THREE GAMES? and i am not talking diaper blowout. i've had enough of those, thanks. i was sick to my stomach by the end of the byu-utah game. i think i am developing a football induced ulcer.

2. thanksgiving morning flag footballit was cold, but the kidlets and i loved it. and i get extra points for being only one of two supportive wives that showed up. (ooh, does it burn?)

2.5. the nice boys who let my little reagan run around the field with them while they were playing flag football with some of the dads. reagan LOVED IT. it warmed the icy cockles in my chest where most people keep their hearts.

3. totally presh photo opportunities because thomas had the day off.
4. the sister missionaries. we were blessed to have the sister missionaries in our home for thanksgiving. i melted as soon as they came in our door. i felt like our holiday was suddenly complete. we were so blessed by their presence. i love them. sister card is from utah and sister sasaki is from japan. (guess which one is which!) i always wanted to be japanese when i grew up. hopefully there is still a chance.
5. my stinky kids. regardless of body odor, i just like them. love them, even. it was so nice that they wanted ME, the slob in the sweats and apron to be their chair. meatball even joined in the displays of affection.

6. parents that will take family pictures of my little clan. i want a nice family picture SO badly that i force my mom and dad to take pictures of us in these faux happy settings each and every time that we are together in hopes that perhaps this time might be the mythical good picture. i know it is a pain and i am the ONLY person in my family who truly enjoys getting their picture taken. and because of this, none of them turn out very well. but i keep trying. and i am grateful for my parent's photography efforts. (even if i alway have to crop my mom's fingers out of the final product.)

and yes, we are the monsters at the end of this post. i am grateful that i get to have these monsters in my life.


Stimpson's said...

Darling family, Heidi! Hope you are doing well!!!

Emily C said...

you look so fab in your family picture. i love your outfit and especially that soft yellow and grey sweater. you are an excellent wife to go to your husbands turkey bowl game.
and a happy britney jeans spears birthday to you!!

heidi said...

Heidi, I often think of you as my practically Asian friend. Sometimes I even tell people about my Asian friend who lives in Kansas City. Of course, most people think I'm Asian, so it's not weird that two Asians would be friends. Do you still have that red Asian-looking dress? I always loved it on you!

Angie said...

Fabulous family picture. I love that you took it on the porch. I love your porch. It's beautiful, and you guys are too.

Livin' Single said...

holy cow, the sister missionaries in your ward are so cute. i wish i had been anything near that cute on my mission. i was not cute. well, maybe i was. if elastic waitbands combined with sweatiness and yesterday's makeup topped off with a ponytail is cute, then i was hot snot.