Sunday, July 23, 2006

what does an aspiring lawyer do on his birthday???

he studies for the bar exam.


and what does an aspiring lawyer's house look like on his birthday?

notice the culprit in the lower right hand corner. for such a small boy, he creates such widespread destruction. and yes, that is yet another picture of reagan with no pants on. we are too busy learning latin and being a loving family to waste time on details like pants!

this past weekend we went to thomas's brother sean's wedding in knoxville, tennessee(enemy territory).

this shot is outside the church. thomas and reagan are posing with aunt mindy and uncle justin. the odd thing is that i never took any pictures of the bride and groom. or anything else wedding related! i don't know what i was thinking.

thomas, reagan and mimi susu at the rehearsal dinner.

thomas and reagan outside the church. the neon green cards in thomas' right hand are bar flash cards.

on the way home from knoxville, we passed through fort payne, alabama, home of the legendary country music supergroup, ALABAMA!!! here is the signage outside of their fan club and museum. highlight of the trip, no doubt!

Monday, July 17, 2006

lying around on the job

reagan has this natural affinity to put his head on any blanket or pillow on the floor. sounds odd right? i think he gets it from me. i also like to rest anywhere i can.

the last hurrah of the triumvirate: kim, caroline and heidi

a week and a half ago, reagan and i went to caroline's house to see john evan and to play with sydney in her pool. kimmykimmykimkam and madison came too!

reagan enjoyed the water, but he really wanted to run around on the hot pavement.

madison and kim took turns holding john evan.

last friday, kim and madison came over for swimming and caroline and john evan and sydney joined us for lunch. we made homemade pizza and baked cookies. this was our final playdate together, as kim's family just moved to huntsville and our family is moving to montgomery.

not our best picture, but here we are all together for the last time: kim, heidi and caroline. madison took this photo for us. can you believe she is only 4 years old?

Monday, July 10, 2006

march of the vacuums

i hate to break it to all y'all, but my son is the cutest, funniest, most adorable thing ever.

these shots just crack me up. he is very adamant about his vacuum collection. i have had to take evasive action to hide the large vacuum in different closets when he is not looking so that he will play with other toys once in a while. it is an OBSESSION! sometimes he like to hold the two small ones at once. sometimes he likes to sit on his toy car and hold a vacuum while he is "driving". he has even brought me a small vacuum to hold on my lap at the dinner table.

a good sabbath activity, running around in our church clothes before church! aren't i a brave mother to allow him to do that?

thomas and i celebrated our fourth anniversary on sunday. i made a chocolate torte and reagan ate a bunch of it. as i was taking a picture of him, he decided he wanted the camera(electronics are #2 behind vacuums) and i snapped this photo as he was lunging for it. i laughed so hard, i cried!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

nothing says "i love the usa" like large weaponry

today we visited the local veteran's memorial in order to commemorate the nation's birthday. all of the items at the memorial were actually used in combat.

does this scream "if i could turn back time" or what???