Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hello humidity, my old friend

hello humidity, my old friend
it's time to run in you again.
though it feels like running in a sponge,
you will keep my skin forever young.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

april overkill

apparently april is almost over and i've neglected to record anthing for posterity. the gist: we did a bunch of stuff and went a bunch of places. some of it was fun. some of it wasn't. i cried for both good and bad things. and then we ate some food.

*general conference: i loved it. i was touched so deeply by the words and especially the music. the lyrics to "how firm a foundation" with forever be endeared to me.

*thomas and i both had the opportunity to give a fireside to the young single adults for 2 stakes. it was still only 40 people. my topic was how you never outgrow the message of the for strength of youth pamphlet. thomas spoke on spiritual maturity.

*spring break was rechristened "spring broke" because everything broke down into a wrestling match between these two and the week seemed to last about 17 days.

*i really wanted this last dang goldfish to hurry up and die so that i wouldn't have to clean it's fish bowl again. the irony of that statement is not lost on me. finally! and it conveniently allowed for a great family home evening lesson on the resurrection.

*i bought these travel desks at hobby lobby. seems like a minor event but they are incredibly helpful.

*we played at the park a LOT.

*thomas and i went salsa dancing at a real live club with real live velvet ropes. (and yes i did love taking pictures on the red carpet.)

i wasn't supposed to be taking pictures in the VIP area.

this is the man who told me to get out of there:

thomas explaining to me the logistics of dance:

*easter morning these two redneck lookin' kids showed up for an egg hunt:

i don't really have words for this. it says so much. attitude. style. my favorite t shirt.

*i also spent a lot of time explaining to scarlett why it's okay to collect caterpillars in a jar, but not slugs.
the end.