Monday, January 29, 2007

am i addicted to blogger?

...or do i just not have enough friends to interact with in "real" life?

thomas took reagan to wal-mart with him so that i could rest on saturday.(i was sick AGAIN and it is really getting old. this time it was a sinus infection.) anyway, while they were there, reagan somehow canoodled thomas into buying a bat and baseball set. that reagan can be quite irksome and conniving when he wants something. thomas and reagan spent some time outside on saturday while it was freezing cold and they had some male bonding. we are hoping that if we start early, perhaps we can circumvent my poor athleticism genes into some brilliant, scholarship worthy athletic genes before it is too late.

"why are you throwing things at me dad?" actually, reagan loves to throw the ball, it's the whole "catch" part that we are struggling with.

posing with the ball...
getting distracted by the piles of leaves and a broken toy.

the pitch!

current pregnancy status:
craving pizza(pizza hut commercials make me crazy!), ooey gooey(almost raw)chocolate chip cookies, carrots, and lots and lots of water. struggling to actually win some of the designer maternity jeans on ebay. as of today i am hating 88tatoo and ferraridesign for swooping in at the last minute and pretty much STEALING my desired jeans! any suggestions?

welcome to jill norris. i am thrilled to add you to my friends list. great choice in girl's names

Monday, January 22, 2007

let's get scientific

i am only 16 weeks pregnant, but the sex of this baby has been on my mind for quite a while now. when i was pregnant with reagan i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a girl and i was quite upset(devastated, crushed, bawling my face off) after the ultrasound said he was a boy. of course i love reagan more than ice cream and sleep so everything worked out fine. this time around i really don't care either way what it is. honestly. i would even wait until birth to find out what it is if i wasn't afraid of being shorthanded on girl clothes if that's what it came to. every few days i get really excited about a certain gender though, like today when i was reading lachelle's blog, i was pretty sure a girl would be just great. but yesterday, while thomas and i were making a list of acceptable boy's names during the sunday school lesson(a very short list as it turns out) i was quite excited for a boy. so, what's an impatient girl to do in this situation? i got all scientific and i went to the experts. the chinese birth calendar. (click on the calculator option.) i googled the many options online and this one seems to be the easiest to follow; it does the calculations for you. some of the other charts had conflicting directions as far as mother's birthday or delivery age or conception or size of shoe you wear, blah blah blah. and this chinese birth calendar was right last time, so why not??? so, drumroll please.....i am (possibly) having a boy! sooper! too bad he will most likely go through life without a name since there are so few names both thomas and i can agree on.
two things, just for fun of course, let me know if this calendar has worked for you in the past and send me your ideas for BOY baby names. if i use one of your suggestions, i will send you a prize in the mail(for real), so make them good and creative and easily spelled. can you tell i like a good contest?

Monday, January 15, 2007

the big 100

this took me a long time. i have been taking notes on my many lists for about a week.

1. i had a saturday detention on my 16th birthday because of tardiness. fresh baked bagels at the price chopper bakery after seminary were really important when you were eating breakfast at 5:30am.
2. in high school, i joined as many clubs as possible on picture day so i could be in the yearbook photo and then i would never attend the club again.
3. i can fit 24 large green grapes in my mouth at one time.
4. i read the entire anne of green gables series in 6 days. even the more obscure ones like rilla of ingleside.
5. i sang alto in the choir in high school. for a long time i couldn't even hear the melody line anymore because i was trained to harmonize.
6. i love making lists. i have several pads of paper around the house with things i need to do, movies i need to watch, books to read, recipes to make, rooms to organize...
7. on my first date with thomas i was hooked. i wouldn't say love at first site or "i knew he was the one", but everything just made sense. we talked non-stop. the talking has yet to abate. we are loud people.
8. my grandma williams is my hero. she has done so many things and visited so many places and raised 7 successful children. and then recently she got veneers on her teeth so now she looks like a movie star. she is 80 years old!
9. for being such an illogical person i am obsessed with being on time and watches and clocks.
10. recently i have developed a love of crossword puzzles.
11. i love reading advice columns. i would love to have my own someday.
12. i talk to my mom every morning at 7:28am on her way to work.
13. i love bleu cheese burgers.
14. i love(am obsessed) with exercise. my goal for this year is to be a certified instructor.
15. i love watching football. and i really know what is going on 90% of the time. guys that don't think i do and try to explain things to me drive me nuts. girls that don't understand and don't bother to ask questions really bug me too.
16. i was meant to be an aesthetician. i love popping zits and blackheads and i could do it all day.
17. i hate clutter, but i have things that i find hard to throw away. throwing away christmas cards makes me feel guilty. i never take the handout in relief society because i know i will just throw it away.
18. i love reading trashy novels, teenage romance and cookbooks.
19. i feel awkward everytime i get my hair cut or colored. i feel like i have to been nice, or chit chat the whole time they are working. i would rather read or stare off into space.
20. i am a firm believer that drinking lots of water and slathering on gobs of cocoa butter cream prevents stretch marks.
21. politics are of utmost importance to me. everyone should have a least a little interest in them.
22. i think video/computer games are a complete waste of time. and i was addicted to computer solitaire my sophomore year of college.
23. i DETEST when there is a traffic jam and certain people think they are above waiting and they drive to the front of the line. i NEVER let them in and i stare at them as i drive by.

24. my favorite shows growing up were the jetsons, the price is right and i love lucy.
25. when i was little i would change my clothes constantly. my favorite thing to wear was a white satin dance skirt. it was an everyday item.

26. i would secretly try and watch jem and the holograms when i was little. my mom thought they dressed like sluts.
27. when i was in elementary i dreamed of being the homecoming queen of my high school. i didn't win queen but i was on court my senior year.
28. my first true love is my pound puppy ruffy. he still watches over my bed to this day.
29. i love the band chicago and i have been to their concert 3 times.
30. i used to have my tregas(that flap of skin on the opposite side of your ear lobe) pierced.
31. i had my belly button pierced too.
32. i hate nuts. i think they are satan's food. they ruin all sorts of good food, ice cream, cookies, fudge...
33. i love chocolate milk. but baby #2 doesn't.
34. my freshman year of college, first semester, there was a week that i only slept 4 hours total. it was horrible.
35. on my first date i wore a darth vader t-shirt.
36. after first semester freshman year i wanted to drop out of byu and never come back. most of my roomates were a little weird and i never felt like i had any bosom friends. anyone remember candessa? she told me once that we all HAD to be best friends; that's what roomates were for. and then she said i wasn't "pretty" just "striking", whatever that means. and a couple of them would call me high maintenance. 2nd semester the "posse" saved me.
37. i have never broken a bone, but i have always wanted a cast. i recall once rolling toilet paper on my arm, getting it all wet and hoping that it would dry into a cast.
38. my first car was a 1982 buick skylark. it cost $500.
39. when reagan was born, it was not love at first site. it was "why does my baby have all those tubes in him?"

40. i read gone with the wind for the first time when i was 11. it was my secret dream to get married at age 16 like scarlett o'hara so i wouldn't be an old maid.
41. my senior year of high school i was the cook in the play clue. i had to wear a fat suit and be killed on stage. they had to stop a rehearsal when i lost blood flow to my head and almost passed out.
42. i hate looking at dead bodies at funerals.
43. during college i worked at the byu bookstore. a co-worker and i would wear fake engagement rings and talk about our wedding plans in front of customers.
44. i hate my wedding dress. a lot.
45. i never met thomas's family until after we were married.
46. before i got prego again, i did 500 crunches every other day. take that britney spears.
47. growing up, my mom made brownies for us nearly everyday.
48. in high school, someone told me that i couldn't be a model. she said that you have to be really thin, really tall and really pretty. i still hate her.
49. i was in 3 muscials in high school: annie, hello dolly and guys and dolls.
50. the longest i have ever ran at one time was 4 miles. i don't think i could ever do it again.
51. i have had glasses since the 3rd grade. i cheated on the eye exam because i thought glasses were so cool. i was so wrong.
52. one summer i was the assistant manager of a jamba juice.
53. that same summer my cousin jen and i dared each other to drive around town only wearing our sexiest bras(we were wearing pants, you sicko). not one of our brightest ideas.
54. the only color my hair hasn't been is red.
55. i was born in provo, utah while my dad was in law school.
56. i failed intro to aerobics my freshman year of college. i missed the final because i went to the temple.
57. my biggest fear is getting my teeth knocked out.
58. i am a terrible dancer and i have no athletic ability.
59. in high school i got sunburned so bad that my skin turned purple.
60. from the age 12 on, my bedroom was in our basement and i was afraid of the dark until i went to college. i loved my night light.
61. i almost failed the 6th grade because i would rather read than do class work. i hid all my bad papers in the rafters above my closet. they are probably still there.
62. there was a man shot dead by police on the street behind my house.
63. i had a huge crush on ben murray from the 5th grade until sometime in high school. then i switched to jason wood.
64. at my senior prom i had a large mermaid tatoo on my back. a gift from my date.
65. i wet my pants at my friend emily clark's house when i was 12. i couldn't get my shorts down in time and i went all over their floor. thankfully, they were complete slobs and the bathroom had water and a bunch of towels on the floor anyway. so i just tried to mop it up as best i could and then i tied my cardigan around my waist and i ran home without saying anything.
66. i have a tiny, little bald patch on my head where hair never grows.
67. i was mad at my sister for a long time when she was expressing desire to serve a mission. i was like "what is she thinking? who i am supposed to call and talk to when i am driving around town? who is going to get my jokes?" i am trying to be less selfish.
68. i have never given blood. i really want to though.
69. i am deathly afraid of having a birthday party for myself for fear that no one would show up. i has happened in the past...
70. i cannot drive a stick shift past 2nd gear and that is fine with me. people drive too fast anyway.
71. all my clothes are grouped by color and they MUST face the same direction. AND NO WIRE HANGERS!
72. i hate flying because i have the worst ear pain ever. gum only helps sometimes.
73. i used to take all sorts of arts and ceramics classes when i was younger. i wanted to be an artist.
74. my earliest memory is going to take my dad to work when it was still dark out. my parents only had one car and my mom drove him to the bus station to take him downtown. i vaguely remember sitting in my carseat.
75. my older brother steve made me eat rocks once because he told me they were candy.
76. i quit taking dance lessons from these people at church because one day they decided that they were going to start a cult and then threaten to kill anyone that went against them.

77. thomas and my "official song" is "the good stuff" by kenny chesney. we hated it at first because we had heard it about 58,493 times on our honeymoon. and then we heard it again a few months later and we were instantly endeared to it forever.
78. i really like guns and i would like to own one someday and carry it in my purse or maybe strapped to my ankle.
79. i would love to live in either NYC or LA, just for a little while.
80. i would like to have the physical ability to instill fear in people just by flexing.
81. i had white blond hair when i was a toddler.
82. i am highly dependent on my blood sugar. i get mean and thomas always ask "have you eaten anything recently?" and then because i am so mean i want to punch him.
83. i am loyal to wal-mart. i hate when people bad mouth it because of their so-called "low wages" and all that. they have the best prices and the worst service. deal with it.
84. i would really like to teach an adult education class on marriage or child rearing skills. my major really filled me with a lot of good information.
85. i really really really like pointless tv show where all the people wear great clothes or at least trendy things. i am always looking for ideas.
86. for a long time i thought i was 5'7. i'm only 5'5. thomas is 6'3, nearly a foot in height difference.
87. i don't like talking on the phone. i would rather you just come to my house so we could hang out.

88. my favorite conditioner is ion moisturizing treatment. it is a hair mask that you are only supposed to use one a week, but i use it almost daily.
89. i have 9 different bottles of shampoo in my shower.
90. this pregnancy i didn't crave or eat anything for the first 3 months and i was sick and lost weight. that all changed last week and i am craving cookie cakes from the great american cookie company.
91. i hated my name growing up because outside of mormon circles it is a little unusual. i always wanted to be amy or andrea. then one day my mom told me that she always loved the name heidi and she always wanted to have a daughter with that name. now i love my name!
92. i grew up in the methanphetamine capital of the world, jackson county, mo.
93. i worked at the public library, a movie theater, a concession stand, and at my dad's law office while i was in high school.
94. i never missed a single day of seminary EVER. there are no awards or prizes for that accomplishment.
95. i threw up at school twice while in the second grade.
96. i have always wanted to shave my head and just start my hair over.
97. i once went on a double date and i wasn't sure which date was mine was until about 30 minutes into it.
98. i used to torment this girl named tedi(real name) in another neighborhood by telling her that i was twins. sometimes i would talk to her and i would be heidi and then later i would see her again and be my sister "lucy".
99. i was EXTREMELY shy growing up. i used to cry at all of rachel bahr's birthday parties. it still hurts to think about.
100. i was "gifted" but all the other "gifted" kids bugged me because they only wanted to talk about school work.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


apparently there are some pipes that need looking at on the couch...

i don't blame him, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

christmas recap and mama drama

i agree with caroline, i hate when christmas is over. it is such a nice time to enjoy your home and your family. cleaning up christmas decorations always makes me feel old and sad. the only good thing is you can finally go to wal-mart without wanting to kill people in the parking lot. but, then all the inflatable santas and reindeer lights are gone too. it is quite the trade off.
all my hopes and dreams came true this christmas. for the past 4 years, i have asked thomas for a foosball table. well, that rascally rascal did it and now i am honing my skillz daily. i am embarassed how rusty i am! we grew up with a foosball table and a home isn't a home without an occasional family fight about game results or an illegal scoring technique.

the reading room is now officially the simpson foosball stadium(the SFS, no sponsorship yet). who cares about productive, mind-enlarging activities?

my sweet(masculine, brawny, tough) boys after our christmas celebration. reagan sits proudly atop his new dog recliner.

christmas morning at mimi susu and bubba's house in waycross. reagan relished ripping each gift open.

you can tell when reagan is really concentrating on something because his tongue is sticking out of his mouth.

more tongue wagging.

mama drama- today i had one of those neat mom experiences that seem almost unreal. we often have macaroni and cheese for lunch. not only it is the nectar of the gods, but reagan and baby #2 like it. i was boiling the water while doing some morning dishes when i turned around to see one of my burners and my pot of water ungulfed in flames six inches high. scary. reagan thought it was a great show. he loves fire and candles and all that. i successfully removed the pot and then i tried to cover the flames with a lid. i was finally able to turn off the heat. the fire seemed to be growing under the lid so i removed it and started pouring cups of flour on the flames. after a few minutes that finally did the trick. of course, reagan is thrilled that there is a fire and that i am running around like a ninny throwing food on it. after a few minutes i calm down and i start turning fans on around the house, because our house is filled with smoke. at this moment i notice that reagan has pulled his pants and diaper off and he is actively pooping. am i ready for #2?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the life of a rockstar and montezuma's revenge

i have been remiss in announcing some big news on the blog. in my mind, i already had posted on the subject. reagan is going to have to eventually learn to share as i am great with child. i am due july 6th. this picture is not of our baby, but it is a baby at 13 weeks, which is how far along i am.

for christmas, my parents gave the whole fam damily, sans missionaries, a trip to cancun. the first two days were so much fun. we traveled easily to mexico, (which is a major accomplishment for us) and the weather was beautiful. our hotel room had an incredible view and 2 separate balconies. it was paradise. but, as the saying goes, there is often trouble in paradise....

by day 3 thomas and i had both contracted montezuma's revenge and were lying helplessly in our bed. we remained there for the rest of the trip. there was no more shopping, eating, siteseeing or anything. i can't believe i was too sick to buy silver or see chichen itza or buy REAL VANILLA! santa vaca! we are still not sure how it happened. we were SO careful about only eating and drinking at our hotel. surely we must have mortally offended someone in mexico to deserve this punishment. to get through the torture of the illness we joked that we were living the rockstar lifestyle; lying in bed all day in a trashed hotel room popping pills.
i lost about 5 pounds in one night and thomas probably lost just as much. i went to the doctor yesterday to check on baby and it looks like she(reverse psychology or wishful thinking?) is going to be okay too. and georgia beat virginia tech. blessings through trials.

the healthy, happy couple

three days later...
this is our recovery shot. we were both barely able to stand up. my hair really was clean, you just can't tell. thomas still looks great and he was a great helper to me even when he felt terrible. he rode the 3:30am bus into town to find medicine. my hero.
here are two of my brothers about to "rescue me". apparently i was drowning and i needed to be thrown back in the water.
the whole family. nice socks, dave.

the view from our balconey.

do you see the full moon over mexico?