Thursday, January 04, 2007

christmas recap and mama drama

i agree with caroline, i hate when christmas is over. it is such a nice time to enjoy your home and your family. cleaning up christmas decorations always makes me feel old and sad. the only good thing is you can finally go to wal-mart without wanting to kill people in the parking lot. but, then all the inflatable santas and reindeer lights are gone too. it is quite the trade off.
all my hopes and dreams came true this christmas. for the past 4 years, i have asked thomas for a foosball table. well, that rascally rascal did it and now i am honing my skillz daily. i am embarassed how rusty i am! we grew up with a foosball table and a home isn't a home without an occasional family fight about game results or an illegal scoring technique.

the reading room is now officially the simpson foosball stadium(the SFS, no sponsorship yet). who cares about productive, mind-enlarging activities?

my sweet(masculine, brawny, tough) boys after our christmas celebration. reagan sits proudly atop his new dog recliner.

christmas morning at mimi susu and bubba's house in waycross. reagan relished ripping each gift open.

you can tell when reagan is really concentrating on something because his tongue is sticking out of his mouth.

more tongue wagging.

mama drama- today i had one of those neat mom experiences that seem almost unreal. we often have macaroni and cheese for lunch. not only it is the nectar of the gods, but reagan and baby #2 like it. i was boiling the water while doing some morning dishes when i turned around to see one of my burners and my pot of water ungulfed in flames six inches high. scary. reagan thought it was a great show. he loves fire and candles and all that. i successfully removed the pot and then i tried to cover the flames with a lid. i was finally able to turn off the heat. the fire seemed to be growing under the lid so i removed it and started pouring cups of flour on the flames. after a few minutes that finally did the trick. of course, reagan is thrilled that there is a fire and that i am running around like a ninny throwing food on it. after a few minutes i calm down and i start turning fans on around the house, because our house is filled with smoke. at this moment i notice that reagan has pulled his pants and diaper off and he is actively pooping. am i ready for #2?


Jessica said...

heidi! that last story had me laughing out loud! i'm glad i'm not the only who wonders if i'm really ready for the next child. reagan is looking SO grown-up in those pictures. i'm so glad you got your foosball table for christmas its always nice to get a really good present.

Debra Simpson said...

Everything looks nice. I am glad you all are going to be parents again!Call sometimes 912-283-9268 home or 912-614-0598 cell. I would love to hear from you all! We all had a nice Christmas.
Your Family
C.H. and Debbie Simpson
Waycross, Ga.

Valoree said...

That is so funny! Richard asks me all the time when I'm stressed or fussing about how bad Hudson's being if I'm sure I want another one. (No, I'm not pregnant)

Caroline said...

Really cute pictures! Love the one with Thomas smiling real big in the background.

Man, that is scary! Atleast you were able to entertain Reagan!

Emily said...

That Reagan sure does have an entertaining mommy! Loved the story. Foosball --- what a fancy present! you must have been a good girl this year Heidi!! hahaha

Meghan said...

You are my hero! Welcome to motherhood, it only gets easier from here. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and Reagan finally understands what it is all about... presents!