Friday, December 22, 2006


this is probably my last entry for 2006. we are leaving for the next two weeks to visit family and to spend time doing nothing while lying on the beach in cancun. (don't hate, appreciate) MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and we wish the best this holiday season.

reagan is an official big boy. he is so brave. while all the other bigger kids at the mall were afraid of the carousel, reagan was the first in line and the first to select a horse. i was so proud. he hardly wanted thomas to hold him on the horse.

i think thomas is so handsome in this shot. well, he is ALWAYS hot stuff, but it is especially well captured in this photo.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

reagan is more easily amused than i am

over thanksgiving, we went to waycross to visit family. one of the days we were down there, we took a quick day trip to jacksonville, fl to see some sites. i reallyreallyreally wanted to stop and see the beach. thomas HATES the beach, but since i grew up in a landlocked state and only saw the beach on postcards until i was 10, i like to take any opportunity to see one of God's many creations. the weather was perfect and there was no stinky water smell. there were many vagabonds there. they must love the beach too. i was eavesdropping on the vagabond conversation. it was quite humorous to me, they were fighting like a bunch of siblings over cigarettes.

it's funny though, thomas was treating going to the beach like it was a trip to the dentist. in the end he was a good sport. i appreciate that he humors me. i still get excited when we are in waycross and we see PALMTREES growing in people's front yards. it's i almost too surreal to me!
on a another note, reagan loves sitting in the sink. i will put him on the counter with me if i am doing some cooking tasks or whatnot. last week he scooted right over into the sink and played in there until i was done cleaning the kitchen. it was great! the best babysitter i have ever had! he was content for quite the long time. yeah for the sink! too bad he BEGSbegsbegsbegs me to put him in their now, just for fun.

Monday, December 04, 2006

no shame and some free time

i searched through old pictures to post since i know you are all DYING for a new post from me and our camera situation hasn't changed. here are some ones i thought were funny.

this is last christmas, check out the HUGE, GIGANTIC ZIT on my forehead! why in the world did i not part my hair on the other side??? that is basic zit coverage maintenance!

reagan being freaked out by the flash on the camera.

an oldie but a goodie. this pic is of my brother steve and me before the new year's eve stake dance 1995. yes, i really wore that dress and no it was not a joke. i was the belle of the ball. everyone wanted to dance with me. and yes, that was a perm. i got SO many compliments on my hair back then. "heidi, your hair is so gorgeous. it looks SO natural. not like a perm at all." haha. we were so stupid. i wore that same dress to a neighboring stake's january dance and i was told it was too short and not to wear it again. what a rebel i was! oddly, my dad the bishop didn't seem to notice at our dance!