Tuesday, October 31, 2006

musical pumpkins

i love that i got a shot of the neighbors jumpstarting their work van. i am so glad that i am always compelled to be humble.

reagan was being extremely quiet and i snuck up on him to find out what he was doing. *note to pre-parents-quiet almost always means naughty* silly me, i had left the candy bowl within his reach. he was reaching in, chewing on each selected piece and then throwing the ones he couldn't open on the floor. please note meatball patiently waiting his turn to pounce on the candy. they have been partners in crime before.

Monday, October 23, 2006

the joys of home maintenance

we really enjoy our house. we love the space and the lack of loud neighbors. we just wish they would mow their lawn and keep their bite-y dogs locked up(but then, there is always something to complain about). one thing that has been a little hard to adjust to from apartment life is the need to repair and replace things ourselves. i miss the maintenance men!!! on saturday, thomas was edging the lawn and the edger picked up a rock and threw it right through the front door. awful. the worst part is that this is the SECOND time this has happened since we moved in, first the back door and now the front.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


my heart has been set on going to a pumpkin patch for many weeks now. last saturday we made it to clanton and the Grand Ole Pumpkin patch. i went a little crazy with all the picture taking.

reagan was such a good little model for mommy. i am prepping to become a stage mother. i wonder how reagan will enjoy pageants???

with our friends dave and kierstin(kiki). thomas is a tall guy, 6'3. dave is a REALLY tall guy, 6'6.

thomas and our selected orb. work it baby!

i was thrilled when reagan decided to sit down in the dirt. LOVE IT!
this one looks like my size!
*blankie made the trip too!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WAAAYCROSS, where all the ways cross!

more trips for the simpson clan. last weekend we went to waycross for my sister-in-law, mindy's baby shower. i think it was one of my favorite trips as we weren't rushed and we could just enjoy hanging out with family. the only downer was the georgia-tennessee game, which we are not talking about anyway.

reagan decided to get some "ink done" while we were visiting mimi susu. reagan has an affinity for drawing on himself. it happens at least every few days. he keeps me on my toes. he was too fast for me this time. ps-those are NOT my hairy legs. i've only let my hair get that long once, so quit bringing it up!

my dear sweet sisters-in-law, mindy and lauren. i believe that mindy is going to have the largest baby ever. he already weighs more than 5 lbs and she isn't due until november.
the boys, justin, thomas, sean and little reagan.

the whole fam damily. we are outside of the house that justin and mindy recently bought and are renovating.

reagan LOVES all the animals at mimi susu's house. i think he wanted to ride the dogs.
reagan kept pushing my hand through the fence as a gesture for me to go get those goats so he could play with them. i have a feeling that dogs won't be the only animals that find refuge in our home someday.

my favorite picture.
father and son.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

going to kansas city, kansas city here we come!

for general conference weekend, reagan and i flew to kansas city. we spent 4 glorious, fun filled days with grandma and grandpa, and steve, sarah, joshua and whitney. the weather was great and fun was had by all. of course, this story does involve me flying so you know that something had to go wrong. luckily for me, the only drama was the airport not transferring my luggage to kansas city from atlanta. fortunately, it only took them about 24 hours to locate it and have it delivered. you know, i love wearing the same clothes i traveled in all day and i know reagan looked adorable wearing his pajamas at 6 in the evening. i was able to fly out of the montgomery regional airport which was surprisingly nice and modern. i was expecting something like the airport on the tv show "wings".

on saturday, the whole fam damily went to the park between conference sessions to enjoy the beautiful weather. reagan LOVED the baby swing.

the whole clan swinging together.

i was relieved and thrilled that reagan took to grandma as well as he did. since we have always lived so far away, i had great fears of him being too shy with his grandparents. reagan loved grandma! she was his favorite! when she dropped us off at the airport, he was so upset!

joshua's 4th birthday is this week! how time flies! we had a party at the grandparent's house. joshua is a BIG BOY now! he is the smartest 4 year old i know. he knows all his letters and numbers and colors. he even spells and recognizes tons of words. GREAT JOB SARAH!!!

this is the only picture i could get of whitney by herself. she was too busy playing to slow down for picture taking. she has so much personality. she loves being "pretty" and says so all the time.
she wasn't too keen on reagan though. she wasn't going to share her grandma with any old "baby". she was so funny. whenever he was playing with her toys or sitting with grandma she would say, "oh, no baby!" she was too cute! especially funny since she is only 6 months older than him. she was in charge of everyone.

i was able to visit my dear, sweet friends kelsey and diane. i was so touched that kelsey remembered me after being gone for 8 years. they gave me a picture of my old dog spud that they found at their house. kelsey proudly announced, "here, it's a picture of you!" i am thankful that she keeps me humble!

mom and i went to the best and most beautiful shopping mecca in kansas city, the the plaza

we met dad for lunch at manny's deliciouso restaurante mexicana!!!

the day was topped off with a visit to the newly remodeled independence missouri visitor's center. it was incredible! beautiful and spiritual. a wonderful place to visit. located adjacent to the independence missouri temple site.

in all it was a wonderful weekend full of fun, family, spiritual upliftment and delicious chocolate birthday cake.