Friday, September 22, 2006

the simpsons are E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G

some pretty exciting news for you simpson family watchers. we have a new addition. i hope these photos come in clear enough for you to see the gender. you know how those first baby photos are always so blurry....

we are thinking of calling him tyrone. when i was younger, whenever we saw a turtle on the side of the road, my mom would pull over and run and pick it up for us. i was on the way to the park and i saw him crossing the street. my first thought was, "a turtle! now is my chance to be a good mom, just like my mom!" i ran out into the street and snatched him up! i didn't know what to do with him so i put him on the floor of the car and prayed that he wouldn't pee on anything or crawl under the seat and bite my toes off. i had reagan and meatball will me too, so that was an added concern, so we hurried home. i put him in a box with some grass and then we just stared at him for a while. i checked on him a few minutes ago and i saw that he was trying to escape the box. i'm really not sure what else to do with him. my brothers were the ones that played with our turtles. meatball wanted to sniff him and reagan thought he was rock and he would have eventually thrown him. i heard the voice of william wallace in my head and i knew what to do. i let him go. "FREEDOM!"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

lifestyles of the middle class and anonymous

finally. the long awaited and promised pictures of the new crib. i am embarassed to say that one of the reasons it took me so long to post was because it was hard to find each room clean when i was ready to take a picture. i am glad that i have immortalized the house in pictures so that i can later remember that at one time, this house was clean.

thomas' office/the home gym.

the reading room. like we are high society or something.

the living room/play room. i guess everything could be slash playroom in this house.

the other side of the living room.

the dining area.

reagan's room.

the other side of reagan's room. i have some fabric that matches his quilt that i plan on making curtains out of. this will most likely happen when reagan is in kindergarten. he isn't too keen on my use of the sewing machine. if he can't use it, then i can't use it.

as they say on cribs, this is where it all happens.

this is the neighbor's back yard. we have lived here since mid august and he has never mowed it. we call it the mosquito farm. if you look closely, you can see two lawn mowers with grass growing through them.

our backyard. i can't wait until the weather starts to cool off to the low 80s and we can actually spend more than 5 minutes at a time out there.

***not pictured-the guest room. yes, there is a guest bedroom. please feel free to come use it. stay for a weekend. come see all that fun-gomery has to offer. hopefully, we'll have a mattress on the bedframe by then.

Monday, September 04, 2006

two of these things are not like the others

while we visited waycross, we were able to see our good friends, charlie and jessica moore. the moores have been blessed to have 5 children.
all girls.
3 and under.
reagan and i pretended that we were part of the clan.

fun-gomery happenings

both of the boys were muy excited to see thomas mowing the lawn. i couldn't pry them away from this window. you can't even see meatball's tail it is wagging so fast.

we took reagan to a montgomery biscuits baseball game. in this pic he was a little tired. most games aren't adherent to the bedtime schedule. nevertheless, he had a great time staring at all the people and drinking out of a big boy cup. he did keep me busy because he wanted to drink out of every big boy cup he saw, including the ones discarded on the ground. to reagan, the most exciting part of the game was when two ambulances drove out onto the field after the catcher was seriously injured. i hope he doesn't expect the same show at the next game we go to!

a man at the front gate gave us 3 free tickets. i am glad that we had three tickets because reagan also INSISTED in sitting in his own chair!

thomas waxed and buffed his truck last week. reagan helped by dumping water on his own head and scrubbing the taurus for us.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

our exciting week!!!

this week we visited the first white house of the confederacy. being that thomas and i a total history buffs(read=nerds), we could not pass up the opportunity to visit this historic place. the house was furnished with numerous original davis family posessions.

this a photo of an actual chair that jefferson davis used. does that little chair make anyone else feel ginormous?

thomas and reagan posing in one of the many rooms of the house. some fascinating jefferson davis tidbits:
jefferson davis was a mexican war hero and former US secretary of war.
jefferson davis' wife varina was disliked by many southern women because she had a very biting sarcastic sense of humor and she was educated in philadelphia.
jefferson davis' funeral in 1889 in new orleans was attended by over 200,000 people. it was the largest funeral the South has ever seen.
now that you know that thomas and i are so fun, does anyone want to come and hang out with us now???

we also attend a rally that night for gov. bob riley. the party never stops in montgomery.

we were outside of a target after the rally and i noticed that they had these huge concrete balls in front of the entrance. i have never be one to pass up an opportunity to work on my rock hard abs!

finally, we drove to waycross to visit mimi susu on her 39th birthday. reagan also helped her out with some class preparation she was working on.