Saturday, September 02, 2006

our exciting week!!!

this week we visited the first white house of the confederacy. being that thomas and i a total history buffs(read=nerds), we could not pass up the opportunity to visit this historic place. the house was furnished with numerous original davis family posessions.

this a photo of an actual chair that jefferson davis used. does that little chair make anyone else feel ginormous?

thomas and reagan posing in one of the many rooms of the house. some fascinating jefferson davis tidbits:
jefferson davis was a mexican war hero and former US secretary of war.
jefferson davis' wife varina was disliked by many southern women because she had a very biting sarcastic sense of humor and she was educated in philadelphia.
jefferson davis' funeral in 1889 in new orleans was attended by over 200,000 people. it was the largest funeral the South has ever seen.
now that you know that thomas and i are so fun, does anyone want to come and hang out with us now???

we also attend a rally that night for gov. bob riley. the party never stops in montgomery.

we were outside of a target after the rally and i noticed that they had these huge concrete balls in front of the entrance. i have never be one to pass up an opportunity to work on my rock hard abs!

finally, we drove to waycross to visit mimi susu on her 39th birthday. reagan also helped her out with some class preparation she was working on.


Emily said...

love the target ball picture. it really does look like a giant ab ball.

Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

I'm laughing at the Target ball picture - they just put those things in at the new Target near my house. Every time I see them I think of doing ab exercises with them! Glad I'm not the only one.

Looks like a fun weekend of traveling. Rob and I really need to get out more . ...

Caroline said...

Thanks for the History lesson.