Monday, September 04, 2006

fun-gomery happenings

both of the boys were muy excited to see thomas mowing the lawn. i couldn't pry them away from this window. you can't even see meatball's tail it is wagging so fast.

we took reagan to a montgomery biscuits baseball game. in this pic he was a little tired. most games aren't adherent to the bedtime schedule. nevertheless, he had a great time staring at all the people and drinking out of a big boy cup. he did keep me busy because he wanted to drink out of every big boy cup he saw, including the ones discarded on the ground. to reagan, the most exciting part of the game was when two ambulances drove out onto the field after the catcher was seriously injured. i hope he doesn't expect the same show at the next game we go to!

a man at the front gate gave us 3 free tickets. i am glad that we had three tickets because reagan also INSISTED in sitting in his own chair!

thomas waxed and buffed his truck last week. reagan helped by dumping water on his own head and scrubbing the taurus for us.

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Valoree said...

Looks like ya'll are having a great time! Minor league games are so much fun to go to!