Sunday, July 27, 2008

more about me

i made a major accomplishment recently. i am forever on the lookout for the perfect white shirt. i love blouses, flowy tunics, tees, tanks, v-necks, crews, raglans, you name it, i love it in white.
my greatest desire has been to find a crisp white summer blouse. and here it is:

scoop neck, princess seams, side zipper for impecable fit, fabric covered buttons, eyelet lace, puffed sleeves. perfect.


can you guess what this is a picture of???

any ideas???
i cut bangs.
i'm still not 100% sold on them.
not my fave look. i always seem to make random hair cutting decisions right before we take a bunch of family pictures. but, i can work with it. my goal is to do my hair a different way for a solid week. i figure it will stretch my hair creativity. can i accomplish this? i'll keep you posted.

and, most importantly, the new cut hasn't inhibited my ability to pose. fierce! watch out tyra.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

32 is the new 23!

happy birthday thomas!!! i have a feeling that this is your year! i feel like i can see into the future! georgia is going to take the national championship with a perfect 13-0 record! you will be appointed to the supreme court, and they will rename it the THOMAS is all-knowing supreme court! you will get a chance to read all your favorite non-fiction books without wifely or childreny interuptions! joel mchale will ask you for input on the soup! coach richt will call you to make a sudden death play call! this will lead to him asking you to be co-head-coach. you have so much to look forward too! two cheers for 32!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

our sixth year in this glamorous life

yesterday was our sixth anniversary. can you believe it? me neither.

since we have been married, our lives have been nothing short than thrilling.
to commemorate our six years of wedded bliss, i am going to list 6 things that are really important to BIG T and little h(that's us)!
in no particular order:

1. the bountiful temple
this is the beautiful and special place we were married and sealed together for time and all eternity. this temple was chosen because of my own personal vanity. i wanted to be the only bride at that temple on my wedding day, and i was!!!

2. our saturday and sunday morning breakfast tradition.

we always try and have a big breakfast together on the weekends. we all look forward to it. we all have preparation assignments. thomas is the king-grits makers. i sneak the chocolate chips into the waffles. reagan barks orders. scarlett feeds meatball her food.
we have morning prayer. we chit chat. we skim the newspaper. we plan the day's activities. it brings us closer together. the family that eats and prays together, stays together.

3. reagan. being parents together has helped us learn more about ourselves and how to better serve one another and how to love and forgive more fully.
kids can be tough bizness. but few things can bring you closer together.

but pretty adorable bizness too.

4. and scarlett. we really like her too.

being a mother to a girl has made me want to be a better woman.

5. wholoesome recreational activities and hard work. this number is a combo. we can't have one without the other.
thomas often gets exasperated with my tendency towards the ridiculous. it's true. i am a bit wacky. (did you know that?) but we have a good time together. and i appreciate that he indulges me on my whims. and i think he has started to show some of his personal wackiness...

happy bird-day parties
an incredible affinity for everybody loves raymond.
robert e. leestein. cracks me up everytime i think of it!!!
watching civil war/revolutionary war documentaries and laughing at inappropriate times. watching anything and laughing at inappropriate times.
the soup. friday nights at 9pm.
posing with firearms, assault rifles even.

and not many husbands will dress up in costume for their wives. i consider myself very lucky indeed.
and the all important yin to wholesome recreations activities yang: WORK

thomas at work in his office
thomas receiving some award for his work. me WORKING by holding a squirmy child.
thomas graduating from law school because of hard work. i am wearing a cute dress that i WORKED really hard to find. (does blogging count as work?)

6. finally, on a serious note. the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. it is what truly binds us together. we know it is true.
without it we would be lost. with it, we have everything.

don't be jealous of our glamorous life.

(thomas was sleeping in this picture. dreaming about georgia football, i am sure.)

since this is a wedding post, let me shout from the rooftops this exciting news!!! i can't believe that i have neglected to post this amazing morsel of beck family information!!! david (also known as boo boo 'round these parts) is engaged!!! the fantastic bride is the lovely christine. they will be married on august 2nd in the salt lake temple! i have only heard good things about christine. you read that right, i've only HEARD good things. i haven't met her yet. everyone else in the family has but me and mine. i think it is a vast conspiracy. like i am the one in the family that would scare her off...please.

everyone in the fam is completely delighted. especially my mom. once the lovebirds seal the deal, we are going to have to pick another topic to dominate all our familial conversations.

hereforth they shall be called daventine. this one name business is so much easier to type than two names.

wow, this was dreadfully long. good job to those of you that made it through.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

all hail the birthday girl

our baby is one!!! what a whirlwind this past year has been! we have lived in three states and i have probably sat down three times since she was born. she started out as our quiet, serene little lamb and now she is our loud, mischevious, incredibly speedy, cackling little monkey. our ward doesn't know what has hit them. i feel bad for the folks that sit around us at church. thomas volunteers to clean the church at every opportunity to make up for all the goldfish crackers smashed into the carpet. every sunday is a chase. scarlett usually wins. thomas has affectionately dubbed her lucy. but you have to say it like this: "LOOOO-CEEE!!!"

scarlett admiring her balloons in her redneck sleepwear.

of course, we had to have a party. scarlett was very insistent on this. everyone 1 year old needs a bunch of adult fawning over her and telling her how precious she is. how is she supposed to be a proper child-beauty queen without loyal subjects?

this is how our guests were greeted:

that sign and the stink coming from the garage full of poopy diapers screamed hello. nothing says hello like that!(garbage day isn't till monday)

i love this picture of scarlett and my dad. we are so grateful to have him around. scarlett and reagan love grandpa.

reagan was about to die from excitement when we lit the candles on the birthday cake.

the cake: i had a REALLY REALLY clever slogan to go on the cake, but thomas vetoed it because of some damning languge.

scarlett's little cake with the one-eyed smiley face. is this an omen for the year??? pirates will be attacking us?

scarlett in heaven.

scarlett has developed some mean basketball skills. she can't stand to sit idly by while reagan shoots all the hoops.

i don't know if this sign will ever come down.