Friday, January 29, 2010

thank you, ponytails!

it's hard to take a normal looking picture when you have a bouffant ponytail in your hair. you have to tilt your head to one side,
or you risk looking like a giant conehead castoff from saturday night live.

"thank you, ponytails, for turning the backs of girl's heads into pony butts."-jimmy fallon, as quoted by thomas last saturday night just as this picture was being snapped.
if only jimmy fallon could be that funny every night...

it's nice to have good friends with whom you can laugh with about horse anatomy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

let's hear it for twin beds!

watching people kiss has always made me squeamish. unless i was participating, i wanted nothing to do with it.
i was hoping to grow out of this aversion someday. perhaps when i met adulthood?
so you can only guess how these photos make me feel...
pretty excited actually. my sister heather is a real gem. but her ring is a pearl! isn't that fun?
i really love engagement photos when the couple is dressy. better to be overdressed than underdressed, i always say. (or not dressed at all. that's uncomfortable. especially for the audience.)
hurray for the happy couple. i do hope they get a nice set of twins beds a la lucy and ricky. and that daniel learns to play the conga drum and to sing cuban pete before march!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

christmas recap blogorrhea

THERE ARE 38 PICTURES IN THIS POST. you have been warned.
i have been dreading posting all of our pictures from christmas. mostly because there are 5246 billion of them and they are pretty self-explanatory and boring and i have nothing witty or clever to add to them. we had a great time, but if you are an insomniac, pull this post up next time you can't sleep. i could tell lies to entertain you, but you would see right through them. this is mostly for posterity. i'll try to keep the descriptions to a minimum. since i am a wordy gal, that will be a challenge in itself.

pre-christmas, scarlett opened most of the presents under the tree about 3 times. even the boring ones. and silly me, i kept rewrapping them thinking that THIS TIME would be the last time. i enjoy exercises in futility.

we had three different present opening celebrations. the first was with my little family on a saturday. we tried to hide the big present, but somehow in their spidey senses kicked in and they ran straight for it. and we don't have many good hiding places for gifts of this size.

our christmas tree had been dead since about november 30th.

later on bonnie and clyde took el jeep for a test drive in the basement. i think it was their favorite gift.

ridin' dirty- no pants, no shoes, haphazard use of a water pistol.

then it was off to a week in glorious fabulous waycross, georgia(where the ways cross!) thomas was kind enough to sit by the kidlets on the plane. even on the return trip when i was bumped up to first class. not to get all philosophical on you, but that is one of my love languages and thomas speaks it. riding on airplanes is terribly painful for me. my ears clog up at the slightest change in cabin pressure and i go practically deaf. i have to chew a gum wad about the size of the death star to ease some of the pressure. lucky for me, because of some jaw issues that i have had for most of my life, i am unable to chew gum without it causing intense pain to my jaw. ultimately, during the flight my jaw locks into place from gum chewing and i am sitting there about to cry because my ears are feel like they are bleeding in pain so if the kids are screaming, i don't even know because i can't even hear anything anymore. so much for not being wordy.

after landing in the ATL(where the playas play, and we ride on them things like everyday. big beats, hit streets, with gangstas roamin, and parties don't stop 'til 8 in the mornin')

we set off to find our favorite pizza place, the mellow mushroom. we got a large and we killed that thing in like 8 minutes. even with my jaw locked in place i was able to gnaw 3 pieces down.

we enjoyed first class accomodations and played in the 60 degree weather, thinking often of the 12 degree weather we left behind. i didn't even pack a coat!

we viewed some local sights, like memorial stadium, biggest high school football stadium not sponsored by wal*mart.

at some fine local delicacies:

spent some time at jekyll island at high tide.(and ROLL TIDE!)

it was sort of freezing.

and a little windy,

and then we cruised on over to some of the resort areas on jekyll island.

next time we visit there will be no kids and we will stay in this luxury resort. lucky for us there was a sign posted that said no children and no mistresses allowed. so no tiger woods either.

thomas and i made the world's largest red velvet cake, complete with brownie layer. i don't know why i felt the need to put my thumb in this picture.

then we tooled around on mimi susu's power wheels collection in the back yard.

and scarlett pulled the boys around on the four-wheeler. i think she felt quite at home.

i think my sister-in-law mindy said it best, "this is so redneck." but we love us some rednecks. and apparently we also love snots and boogers.

in waycross, i received my favorite christmas present a la thomas. "made in germany so you know it's good stuff!" it's like owning a tiny bit of a BMW. thomas really does speak my love language. i can't wait to dry my sweaters with it.

on our way back to atlanta, out nerd tendencies took over and we stopped at a historical site. but not just any historical site, the home in which jefferson davis was captured. for a good laugh enlarge this picture and read the description. i think that sign had been around since the 1950s.

i wish you could better see my georgia bulldogs t-shirt that i am proudly sporting.

this picture might just be up for framing. mostly because i love that sweater on thomas.

after a final trip to zaxby's, we hit up ikea. it was a madhouse. but, i got some fab fabric for my bathroom. hopefully it can sit in a box for a bout 6 months like all my other projects.

thomas' best christmas gift was from mother nature. christmas morning he got up and took a nice run in 65 degree weather.

which was great for him, because when we got home we discovered this. it has since snowed about 5 more inches. and we hate it.

our third and final christmas was at my mom's with most of my family. scarlett pressed this button about a million times.

we spent a day at crown center and did a session at kaleidescope. scarlett was not that amused by much of the activities and REALLY did not want her picture taken. she kept shouting, "NO CHEESE!" which is funny because the only way i know how to cook is with cheese. there is no other way. especially cooking with cream cheese. it almost hurt my heart to hear her say that.

no cheese with cousin whitney:
no cheese with uncle bonecrusher:

no cheese

and i can't pass up a photo opportunity.

a good portion of our time was spent at the water fountain, washing our hands. it's really the only exhibit that amused my kids. cleanliness is next to Godliness.

my dad surprised us with a performance on his new electric guitar. and then we heard the entire history of les paul and the electric guitar.

christine fake reading the scriptures. such a pharisee! reading to be seen of men!
hope your christmas was snuggie and bright!!!