Friday, September 23, 2011

only from kansas city!

happy days are here again!

thomas surprised me with an order of jack stack burnt ends, beef and pork, cheesy corn and baked beans. we both read an article in the wall street journal last week about the best barbeque being from kansas city. we wholeheartedly agree. we have tried many styles of barbeque and while many are excellent(carolina gold mustard sauce, dreamland ribs in tuscaloosa, big bad wolves in tuscaloosa) none can hold a candle to kansas city style. i can't even find burnt ends out here. according to the article, burnts ends originated in kansas city when former slaves who moved to the area didn't want to waste a single iota of precious meat. the burnt ends were literally overcooked yet delicious meat ends that fell off another cut of cooked meat. they are tough but melt in your mouth at the same time. it is a scientific impossibility. you can  put them on sammiches, add them to stew or eat them straight. the beef ones are my favorite. they have been called "nuggets of barbeque gold". and that is your barbeque lesson for the day. 
don't bother us on saturday because we will be eating.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i'm not the favorite

and i'm totally good with that.
on sunday, everyone-reagan, scarlett and meatball have to be within a 2 foot radius of thomas. i had a fleecy blanket and the entire couch to myself. it was great! my restless legs kicked to my hearts desire.

sunday is my favorite day of the week(except for all the yelling because we are late for church, as per usual. "get your dang shoes on your dang feet so that we can get to the dang church on time!" we're definitely ready for church after that exchange.) i love being home all afternoon because this is the one day that thomas is home all day too. it's fun to sit by him during church and poke him in the arm and irreverently pass notes. the kids always go to him to answers because he's more likely to say yes. i'm a mere fixture of the house on sunday. 
today we watched return of the jedi for our family movie. it gets better and better with every viewing. the kids like the ewoks and thomas and i like to compare and contrast the parallels of the "force" and the gospel. it is sunday afterall. but, scarlett asks non-stop questions through the entire thing, related and unrelated. most often it is a chewbacca translation. or, "why did he pick the red light sabre." or "do the ewoks want ice cream?" or "did jabba buy the rancor(the large beast who lives in his dungeon) at a pet store?" or "if we look outside, can we see the death star?"
it's great. and i don't mind being a mere fixture.