Wednesday, March 29, 2006

to waycross and back

last week we went to thomas' hometown of waycross, georgia. most of our time was spent visiting friends and family. to make the trip even more exciting we listened to The da Vinci Code on cd. i feel like i should be filling out my forms for the aarp. at least we're not eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon.
anyway, we went to a restaurant dedicated to all things georgia and since thomas is a former UGA football player, he was able to sign the restaurants georgia banner. very exciting!
we also ate at a restaurant that had an american flag on the ceiling and so i thought a photo was appropriate.

on the way back we visited natalie and will and everett in atlanta and they convinced us to live in their complex for the summer. it was a hard sell over some wonderful mexican food. we are looking forward to this summer!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

one more picture

this one is courtesy of the wonderful jessica!
i just can't get enough pictures of reagan! some of you have complained that there aren't enough reagan photos on the blog. i say there aren't enough meatball pictures. or let's be realistic, i'm in charge of this blog, there should be more of ME! that is why i chose this one, reagan and ME!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

a festival for gluttony

today was reagan's first birthday party! it was super fun, but the anticipation and preparation nearly killed me. it was rumored to rain today but thankfully it didn't. for the past week it became my ritual at 6:08am each morning to watch the weather channel and pray for positive news. i believe rituals produce positive outcomes. so this whole week was B-E-A-Utiful. 70s and sunny. and then today happened. overcast. windy. high of 62 and a chance of rain. yuck-o-rama. but all of my rituals and praying paid off and the sun came out briefly and it did NOT rain. God is good.
thomas and i decided to do the party at a park and rent a pavilion with a playground. we had weiners, hangaburs, potato chips, chunky guacamole dip and ice cream and cake. a big beautiful cake. i was very excited about that. basically this shindig could be subtitled: a festival for gluttony. and i wouldn't do it any other way.
reagan wasn't really sure what was going on, but the other kids seemed to have a good time. we had a scavenger hunt for the prizes. it was my way of keeping the kids patient while the food cooked and i hoped that they would be worn out and not demand anymore games.
all in all it was a successful event. much was consumed, great gifts were received, fun was had by all. can't wait 'til next year!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

reagan and i were having cuddle time that turned into nap time for both of us. thank goodness reagan is so smart that he discovered that he could prop his bottle on my face so that he wouldn't have to hold it and he could take a nap too.
this week thomas had a big fat awards ceremony that reagan and i attended. we spent most of our time in the hall because reagan was in the mood to tell stories to everyone, but i was able to slip in long enough to see thomas receive the award for hottest law student at the university of alabama. not really, that's my personal award for him. he received the award for best managing board editor. basically he knows that most and works the hardest. does that surprise anyone?
congrats to paulalluyah and logan. we wish we could have been with you!

Monday, March 06, 2006

does it get better than this?

a quick update. we spent last week in kansas city visiting family. my sister heather had her mission farewell(romania bucharest) and just a few days later my brother mark received his mission call to california san jose. they are both entering the missionary training center on march 15th!
anyway, the photos are of dj bb honing his jamz skills on a boom box at grandma sandy's house. then reagan enjoyed the warm alabama march weather by tossing the pigskin around the yard. thomas and i watched walk the line on saturday, so in honor of how much we enjoyed the movie, i dressed like june carter cash on sunday for church. those of you that have lived with me before know that dressing up as something when it's not halloween is no strange occurrence. someone even came up to me at church on sunday and mentioned how closely i resembled june carter cash. does it get better than this?