Saturday, March 18, 2006

a festival for gluttony

today was reagan's first birthday party! it was super fun, but the anticipation and preparation nearly killed me. it was rumored to rain today but thankfully it didn't. for the past week it became my ritual at 6:08am each morning to watch the weather channel and pray for positive news. i believe rituals produce positive outcomes. so this whole week was B-E-A-Utiful. 70s and sunny. and then today happened. overcast. windy. high of 62 and a chance of rain. yuck-o-rama. but all of my rituals and praying paid off and the sun came out briefly and it did NOT rain. God is good.
thomas and i decided to do the party at a park and rent a pavilion with a playground. we had weiners, hangaburs, potato chips, chunky guacamole dip and ice cream and cake. a big beautiful cake. i was very excited about that. basically this shindig could be subtitled: a festival for gluttony. and i wouldn't do it any other way.
reagan wasn't really sure what was going on, but the other kids seemed to have a good time. we had a scavenger hunt for the prizes. it was my way of keeping the kids patient while the food cooked and i hoped that they would be worn out and not demand anymore games.
all in all it was a successful event. much was consumed, great gifts were received, fun was had by all. can't wait 'til next year!

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