Wednesday, February 21, 2007

it's a...

GIRL!!! i must say, thomas and i were both quite surprised at the news. even though early on i felt very strongly about the baby being a girl, either way would have been fine with me. any baby would be LUCKY to be in this fam damily

a couple of nights ago i had a dream that i was dating darth vader. and from the looks of this ultrasound picture, i wasn't just dating him.

her profile. she was moving her little mouth the whole time and she was playing with her fingers and showing us all her toes. it was very sweet. attention hog. i could almost hear her little voice through the machine "look at me! look at me! i'm on TV!" she must get that from thomas.

as far as girl names go, that has never been a question. my first girl has been miss scarlett since i was 11 years old. the middle name is entirely up to thomas since i sort of told him what her first name would be.

about a week ago i was in wal-mart and i saw the PERFECT dress *justincase* it was a girl. i picked it up on the way home from the doctor today.

do you see the similarities? i haven't found the hat yet. just give me some time.

not to be left out, big brother reagan helped me by plunging BOTH toilets this morning. he was very proud of himself. however, he was not that amused by the ultrasound machine and really wanted to play with the light switch at the doctor's office.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

true love

means making a red velvet cake from scratch(and improvising a few ingredients) and writing "gators suck" on it in melted chocolate chips. for any of you that have ever had even the slightest contact with my husband, you know that means a lot! pat on the back for me!

it is very hard to read. melted chocolate and reagan are not a good combination. especially when i had to keep bribing him with chocolate chips to keep him from touching the cake while i was working on it.

and because we are "simpsons" i had to make thomas a simpson's themed card. does anyone remember what episode this is from???
the whole fam damily braved the cold(27 degrees!!! are we really in alabama?) and we went out to eat. thomas was concerned that reagan didn't eat much dinner. hmmmm, could it have been the half pound of chocolate he ate earlier???
bytheway, thomas is a sneak and a liar. we decided that we weren't exchanging gifts this year. all i wanted was a jumbo box of chocolates which does NOT fall in the "gift" catergory. that is just sustenance. so mr. big shot comes home during his lunch and surprises me with a gift. JERK!(don't worry mom, i am kidding.) how does that make me look? "hey thomas, here's your computer generated simpson's card. happy valentine's day." everything has to be a competition with him. so what if i love unexpected gifts and surprises and unannounced midday visits? he knows me too well. my hero.

finally, i really didn't want to go to word verification on my comments but i guess i am at that point. any extra step confuses my parents, who don't comment anyway, so no big deal-yo. but, alas. i guess that is what the word is coming to these days...