Saturday, April 29, 2006

who's that movie star???

to quote caroline sprayberry, "heidi, your lenses are big enough that no one else even needs to wear sunglasses." i prefer to call them "movie star sunglasses". i think that is what she meant. she is always so complimentary towards me. Posted by Picasa

i hate picasa

i had planned this big great posting for my birthday, but since i hate hello and picasa and computers in general and i am too busy to spend time figuring everything out, this is all you get. enjoy at your own risk Posted by Picasa

you say it's your birthday, na na na na nah na

the 28th was my 26th birthday. i was really struggling to come to terms with this new milestone and i decided that i am going to just be 25 twice. my 25th year went by so quickly that i am hoping by next october i will be more content with being 26. there is no rush here. as long as i am not that old woman shopping at the teeny bopper stores i will be okay. someone make an intervention for me if i still think express clothing is a good idea in 10 years.
thomas planned a fun filled day for me. every other year since we have been known each other, thomas has had a final or some major event keeping him from celebrating my birthday on the 28th. because of this thomas made a special effort pack the day full of fun things for us to do.
first, thomas made delicious belgian waffles for me. after breakfast i took meatball out for his morning trot and i noticed thomas's first surprise. he had a blimp fly over our house. JUST FOR ME! he is so clever!
for lunch we had a kitchen cookout and we traveled over to the pool for an hour of enjoyment and sunsoaking. this was a REALLY big deal for me since thomas is not a pool person. the sacrifices he has made for my happiness....
later we drove up to the birmingham galleria for an evening of shopping and dining. i was able to procure my dress for thomas' graduation and a FABULOUS hot pink skull t-shirt. does it get better than that???
we ate dinner at a fun outdoor italian restaurant. we ate on the balconey and talked about how bad all the drivers below us were. and those darn teenagers! walking down the middle of the road and holding up traffic. they were being so loud and obnoxious and the boys were dressed like slobs and the girls like trash. up to no good i'm sure. where's my sweater? and my cane? i need to take my fiber supplement, turn down that loud music you hoodlums...after that conversation, thomas and i realized that we are old. old old old. complaining about teenagers and bad drivers. the next thing you know i will be wearing a housecoat everywhere and eating dinner at 4pm at denny's. thomas will have hair coming out of his ears and will sleep with his teeth in a jar by the bed. not a pretty site. happy birthday to me.

Friday, April 21, 2006


sydney sprayberry was the cutest present at the baby shower we went to last night!

reagan got up at 4:30am this morning and he has been sooper cranky all day, but he refused to take a nap. eventually he did...

while he was eating...

a french fry.

he was in mid-chew when he closed his eyes and just gave out. he looks like he either has a huge glob of drool hanging out of his mouth or he is smoking a fat cigarette. he loves those french fries!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

chop chop

on easter morning reagan got up SOOPER early and as a result was exhausted for the rest of the day. this was the only shot i was able to get of the boys in their easter finery. i was going to try again for more pictures later in the day but when we got home from church we discovered a poopsplosion. it shook the whole house. everything had to be washed immediately, including the highchair padding and chair itself. nothing says happy easter like a high chair drying on your front porch.

reagan had to go to birmingham for another very minor surgery yesterday. you're probably thinking: "MORBID! who takes pictures of that?" well, i did and they turned out really cute. this is reagan riding in one of the cars they had for kids waiting for surgery at the children's hospital.

here we are prepping for surgery in our little gown.

and here we are post-op. he was a champ. he didn't even cry when they took him away. for that matter i was a champ too!!! i didn't cry either. he didn't even cry when they brought him back. he was more interested in sleeping and drinking apple juice than anything else.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

pictures pictures everywhere

we took gobs and gobs of pictures this week. we went to two different easter egg hunts and reagan was totally photogenic at home. enjoy!!!

joey and jessica came to play this week!
we have been practicing our walking alot this week!!!
reagan really loves to look out the window and wave at people as they come and go. he usually does wear more clothing than this, but that droopy diaper was just too cute!!
sometimes the basket is better than the eggs

the egg hunt idea was a little lost on us. roll tide!
we actually picked up the egg!!!
i just love that cute little patootie!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

let me see your prom

i was able to help megan wyatt get ready for prom this year!!! she is a GORGEOUS girl so she didn't need any help, i just enhanced her! her mom is an incredible seamstress and she modified this gown to be more fashionable.
also, megan is going to byu-idaho and she has a FULL scholarship. how do you like them apples?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

last week of march

2 of the girls from my seminary class received their young women in excellence medallion! i am so proud of them! if all the girls in the Church "got it" the way these two do, there is no telling what could be accomplished. watch out world. i am expecting college degrees, temple marriages, missions and all that good stuff. they are AMAZING.
reagan discovered some fun toys this week. i don't know why we spend money on toys and books when he really just wants to play with household items.