Saturday, April 15, 2006

pictures pictures everywhere

we took gobs and gobs of pictures this week. we went to two different easter egg hunts and reagan was totally photogenic at home. enjoy!!!

joey and jessica came to play this week!
we have been practicing our walking alot this week!!!
reagan really loves to look out the window and wave at people as they come and go. he usually does wear more clothing than this, but that droopy diaper was just too cute!!
sometimes the basket is better than the eggs

the egg hunt idea was a little lost on us. roll tide!
we actually picked up the egg!!!
i just love that cute little patootie!!!


joe and jessica said...

Great Pictures! The last one with his naked butt came out perfect. I took some nice 'black mail' pictures of joey today too. I had a great time over for dinner. Thanks very much. Oh... and thanks for putting the picture of me with slouchy fat tummy in the background. :) I guess the kids are so cute who is looking at me??

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Roll Tide!!!!

I need to get one of those for Everett. Can't wait to see more of President Reagan in person. :-)