Monday, July 23, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

copycat copycat

reagan the raccoon...
reagan is our little copycat. he mimics all sorts of things that thomas and i do. a short list:
1. applying mascara
2. saying "nuts!" or "oh crap!"(we're going to have to eliminate that from our vocabulary.
3.putting his contact lenses in.)
4. shaving his face.
5. stirring his drinks.
6. dipping all his different foodstuffs in ketchup.
7. drinking crystal light.
8. berating meatball.
9. making the bed.
10. brushing my hair or his hair.
11. applying deodorant and lotion.
12. saying "oooh, close!" when shooting a basket.
13. breakdancing on the floor while watching the doodlebops, or the "bops" as he calls it.
14. holding the baby.
15. opening the dishwasher putting the (often still dirty)silverware away.

as far as being the mother of two children, it is going pretty well. i was quite nervous about being able to manage this feat. scarlett is a very very good baby so that helps quite a lot. she is almost a complete opposite of reagan. i was so overwhelmed and exhausted with reagan that i thought we would be a one child family. thankfully i was blessed with a baby that REALLY likes to eat so breastfeeding has been no problem, except with keeping up with her pace. i affectionately call her piglet. she is a great sleeper too. she only wakes up twice a night to eat and immediately goes back to sleep. i did attempt a short trip to the mall that included a ride on the carousel. of course i completely overestimated my maternal abilities and i wanted to cry all through lunch at the food court, especially after the spilling of a large bottle of chocolate milk on reagan's pants and scarlett spitting up most of her bottle on me. but we survived and eventually they will both grow up and become productive citizens. hopefully.

one thing i have discovered since becoming a mother is that perfect strangers love to give advice. so i have learned to lie. about most anything. i find it is perfectly acceptable for me to tell people that don't matter that my child is fine, he/she never throws tantrums, eats everything on his/her plate, crawled at 3 months and walked at 6, has shown a propensity for speaking in full sentences at one year and has never EVER needed a perfect stranger in the line at sam's club to scold them for bad behavior. that is my job thank you very much!

list of things i would like to say to people who needlessly give me advice:

1. yes, i know she is only two weeks old, but i have too much to do to stay at home and cloister her from all the germs in the world.
2. he doesn't want to be held by you because you are a stranger, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with him.
3. yes, i am aware he is yelling my name over and over again. if i could stop it i would.
4. no, pacifiers do not give you orthodontic problems. but you might have some after i punch you in the mouth.
5. she's a girl for crying in the night! she's wearing PINK!
6. just because we have a boy and a girl does not mean we are "done". i don't see how that is your business anyway, mrs. walmart checker!
7. yes, all of our clothes have stains on them. we are not blind. we are just busy.
8. you're kidding, my son is running down the aisles of the grocery store? goodness, your children must have always walked in straight silent lines. please teach me how to do that!
9. yes, i know that she has no shoes on. it is freaking july in alabama!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

cinqo de yearo, july 9, 2007

this post is a little late, but i have been a little occupied. on monday, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. here are some photos from our wedding so that you can remember what we used to look like, back in the day when we were carefree and silly.

our engagement photo, also known as the best hair day of my life.

a short and incomplete list of reasons why thomas is a great husband, in no particular order:
1. he works hard, really hard.
2. he makes funny jokes. sometimes i am the only one that gets them, but i think they are hilarious. like the invisible fence joke, that still kills me!
3. he is a great support in the delivery room. both literally and emotionally. i can't imagine getting an epidural without him to lean on.
4. he knows how to fix things.
5. he says really nice things to me, even in the morning when i am ugly and scowling at everything.
6. he is sooper smart.
7. he goes out of his way to be everyone's friend.
8. he makes darn fine homemade ice cream.
9. he does all the driving on road trips. like i said, he is very smart.
10. he lets me give him fashion advice.
11. he is smart with money.
12. he gives great birthday, anniversary, christmas, whatever presents.
13. he can name all 9 justices on the supreme court.
14. he rode a scary bus at 3am in mexico to a drugstore to buy pepto bismol for me while he was VERY sick himself.
15. he watches my silly tv shows with me and sometimes even feigns interest.
16. he has gone to the store to buy me embarassing but neccesary hygiene products. not just tampons.
17. he loves his kids. once, while on his lunch hour and dressed in a suit, he ran down several city blocks pushing reagan in a stroller just so reagan could see the tail end of the rodeo parade.
18. he mows the lawn in ridiculous southern heat.
19. when i am pushing out babies, he sleeps on that horrible couch/bed they have in my room, just to be with me.
20. he tolerates my horrible attempts at speaking spanish. see post title.
21. he tastes all of my food experiments. even the bad ones.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a scarlett grace pictorial retrospective

the night before

5am, june 28th

about 20 minutes old

is the epidural still on?

proud papa

reagan was a little apprehensive at first...

...but then he warmed up to her.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

sweet child(ren) o' mine

scarlett grace simpson is here! and no i don't have any pictures. seriously. we have taken photos aplenty, but i am experiencing some downloading difficulty. of course. why would this be easy?
a play by play
tuesday, we noticed some strange dripping noises coming from our air conditioner. we check it out and discover that our hall closet and the guest/storage/baby room 's carpet is soaked. i call the landlady and by that afternoon an AC crew and a carpet installation crew have been over and the AC is fixed and the carpet in the guest/storage/baby room is ripped out. down to the cement. should this surprise us? does anything ever go off without a hitch? so, after all my nesting and organizing and preparation, my house is still a wreck. love it. everything from the closet and room has to be moved to other parts of the house. i only cried for a few minutes.
wednesday, we picked my mom up at the airport and spent the day enjoying my last day of pregnancy and all the finer points of suburban montgomery.
thursday morning thomas and i headed to the hospital at 5am and by 7:30am i was all hooked up with the pitocin and the epidural and ready to go. i brought gone with the wind with me to watch while i labored and by the ending credits 4 hours later i was ready to push. very fast labor. didn't feel a thing. i recommend it to everyone. i pushed for about 10 minutes and at 11:57am scarlett grace came into the world. it was a very surreal moment for me. with reagan's delivery there were baby complications and i was very groggy and they shut the epidural off immediately so i was more conscious of the pain than the baby. this time i was completely aware that i had a baby and i was overcome with emotion. basically i was speechless, which is a rare occurance in these parts. i was able to hold her for a while after birth. pretty neat. she weighed 6 lbs 13 ounces and she has a good amount of dark, nearly black hair. her eyes are hazy, but i am pretty sure they are going to be green, like mine. bytheway, she is beautiful. pretty close to perfect. take my word for it. and a great eater and a great sleeper.
reagan and my mom came by later that day and at first reagan was a little iffy about this little blob that we kept calling sister. eventually he warmed up to her and hugged and kissed "BB". i have some great pictures of it. honestly. then he completely forgot about her and decided to jump all over the couch.
the carpet crew came back that day and recarpeted and put back all our furniture while we were gone. so everything worked out in the end.
that is about all of the saga. i hope to have the camera problems remedied by tomorrow.
one neat thing about the hospital: motorized wheel chairs. it was great! when i was being transported to my room they let me drive myself over in a scooter. i felt like a senior citizen at the mall! it was so fun!