Thursday, July 12, 2007

cinqo de yearo, july 9, 2007

this post is a little late, but i have been a little occupied. on monday, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. here are some photos from our wedding so that you can remember what we used to look like, back in the day when we were carefree and silly.

our engagement photo, also known as the best hair day of my life.

a short and incomplete list of reasons why thomas is a great husband, in no particular order:
1. he works hard, really hard.
2. he makes funny jokes. sometimes i am the only one that gets them, but i think they are hilarious. like the invisible fence joke, that still kills me!
3. he is a great support in the delivery room. both literally and emotionally. i can't imagine getting an epidural without him to lean on.
4. he knows how to fix things.
5. he says really nice things to me, even in the morning when i am ugly and scowling at everything.
6. he is sooper smart.
7. he goes out of his way to be everyone's friend.
8. he makes darn fine homemade ice cream.
9. he does all the driving on road trips. like i said, he is very smart.
10. he lets me give him fashion advice.
11. he is smart with money.
12. he gives great birthday, anniversary, christmas, whatever presents.
13. he can name all 9 justices on the supreme court.
14. he rode a scary bus at 3am in mexico to a drugstore to buy pepto bismol for me while he was VERY sick himself.
15. he watches my silly tv shows with me and sometimes even feigns interest.
16. he has gone to the store to buy me embarassing but neccesary hygiene products. not just tampons.
17. he loves his kids. once, while on his lunch hour and dressed in a suit, he ran down several city blocks pushing reagan in a stroller just so reagan could see the tail end of the rodeo parade.
18. he mows the lawn in ridiculous southern heat.
19. when i am pushing out babies, he sleeps on that horrible couch/bed they have in my room, just to be with me.
20. he tolerates my horrible attempts at speaking spanish. see post title.
21. he tastes all of my food experiments. even the bad ones.


Emily said...

Heidi your list is so sweet. Thomas sounds like SUPER-husband.

I will ALWAYS love that black little dress you wore in your engagement photo. That was my absolute favorite thing of yours I liked to borrow. I miss it!!! I remember I wore it in New York with my mom when we went to Phantom of Opera - that one summer in that house we lived in with no A/C and when Chrissy would stop by with freezy pops and spiky hair.

Jessica said...

happy anniversary! can it really have been 5 years already? i kind of miss those carefree and silly days.

i loved your list, too. hope y'all did something fun sans children.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Five years already?!? I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

Valoree said...

That is so sweet. Loved seeing the pictures!

Sarah Beck said...

I LOVE your hair in your engagement pic! congrats on making it this far :)

Meghan said...

What a good husband you have. I can't believe you are having time to blog right now, you must be super mom. Hope that everything is going good with the new baby.

Laura said...

congrats-- I love it when the husbands takes the liberty of diriving all the way on road trips! :)

Sarah said...

i remember this day!! you guys looked so stunning! and you are still as hot as ever! :)

Jared and Debbie Mayfield said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! You guys are such a great couple! That was an awesome list about Thomas. There are always little (and BIG) things that we love about our spouse, but sometimes it's hard to actually list them out. Good work! ;)