Sunday, July 02, 2017

scarlett in real life

scarlett, the wackiest, funniest, loudest introvert i know, turned 10 this week. when we get to public social settings, she's rather quiet but when you get her home, it's like a verbal damn has burst. 
scarlett received the "promise of gwinnett" award twice this year because she "is a hardworker and a friend to all". if sandy beck taught me anything and i want to instill anything in my own kids, it is to be a hardworker and a friend to all. scarlett was born at just the right time in our family. she is so capable and helpful. she's sandwiched between two loose cannons and she is the calming force. she has always been reagan's closest friend and champion. she is not afraid to defend him and explain autism to those who may not understand his behaviors. it's not easy for her, so we've had many chats about her important role in our family. her closeness to reagan is a blessing and a burden. she is wise beyond her years and possesses a deep seated empathy for others. i find that i try to compensate for disappointment and lost opportunity via gifts and surprises more readily for her than the other children. plus, she has similar tastes to me and i love dressing her in things i like. she never met and mismatched pattern that she didn't love, like me.

scarlett loves science, greek myths, historical books, saying, "did you know..." commentary all day long, and silly barbie and project mc2 shows on netflix. i wish i knew more about technology because i would love to help her learn to code a website or build more things out of spare parts like she learned about at invention camp or develop a machine that can find the remote when the babies have lost it again. i feel most 6th graders have more technological knowledge than i do. scarlett loves all the star wars movies, even the terrible ones and just completed all the the lord of the rings movies with thomas. she has developed a crush on legolas(who hasn't?) and asks really great mythological questions. she is a nerd. 

my favorite thing about her is her sense of humor. she has mastered comedic timing and sarcasm. she gets wit. i couldn't be prouder. 

her hair is all the way down to her waist but she still cries each time i brush it out for her. she has the world's most sensitive head. she just started the braces process and it's included and lot of excessive saliva slurpy talking, food stuck in weird places that requires me to poke it out with a toothpick and questionable breath. i keep trying to convince her this will all be worth it.

we had a big party for her at the local bowling alley/laser tag/bumper car/arcade place. everyone had a great time but the food was terrible. i'll let you know when i find a venue that pleases kid's and mom's palate. the jury is out on that one.

that's not me, that my friend lindsay.