Saturday, March 11, 2006

reagan and i were having cuddle time that turned into nap time for both of us. thank goodness reagan is so smart that he discovered that he could prop his bottle on my face so that he wouldn't have to hold it and he could take a nap too.
this week thomas had a big fat awards ceremony that reagan and i attended. we spent most of our time in the hall because reagan was in the mood to tell stories to everyone, but i was able to slip in long enough to see thomas receive the award for hottest law student at the university of alabama. not really, that's my personal award for him. he received the award for best managing board editor. basically he knows that most and works the hardest. does that surprise anyone?
congrats to paulalluyah and logan. we wish we could have been with you!


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Wow, that pic of you sleeping really brings back some memories. Props to Reagan for being smart enough to see a problem and find a solution!

joe and jessica said...
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joe and jessica said...

Sorry i accidentally removed my other one. Well joey helped.
And i was just saying there's nothing like spending good quality time with your little one.