Sunday, September 18, 2011

i'm not the favorite

and i'm totally good with that.
on sunday, everyone-reagan, scarlett and meatball have to be within a 2 foot radius of thomas. i had a fleecy blanket and the entire couch to myself. it was great! my restless legs kicked to my hearts desire.

sunday is my favorite day of the week(except for all the yelling because we are late for church, as per usual. "get your dang shoes on your dang feet so that we can get to the dang church on time!" we're definitely ready for church after that exchange.) i love being home all afternoon because this is the one day that thomas is home all day too. it's fun to sit by him during church and poke him in the arm and irreverently pass notes. the kids always go to him to answers because he's more likely to say yes. i'm a mere fixture of the house on sunday. 
today we watched return of the jedi for our family movie. it gets better and better with every viewing. the kids like the ewoks and thomas and i like to compare and contrast the parallels of the "force" and the gospel. it is sunday afterall. but, scarlett asks non-stop questions through the entire thing, related and unrelated. most often it is a chewbacca translation. or, "why did he pick the red light sabre." or "do the ewoks want ice cream?" or "did jabba buy the rancor(the large beast who lives in his dungeon) at a pet store?" or "if we look outside, can we see the death star?"
it's great. and i don't mind being a mere fixture.


Jenna said...

Jared just walked in while I was looking at the picture & he giggled before he even saw the seat cushion under Scarlett & Reagan. Then he really laughed. Happy Sunday! Isn't Sunday morning just THE BEST? Nothing like yelling & speeding to get you in the mood.

Jess said...

Ha! I didn't even see Thomas the first time viewing the picture. This is like an awkward family photo, for sure!

Steph and Glen said...

i had to do a double take to see thomas under the kids! i love sundays, too! i look so forward to sunday school with glen while teagan is in nursery. it's almost like a mini date and we're giddy for that 45 mins - 1 hour like we were when we were dating and attending sunday school with all of our friends!

Emily Curfew said...

i agree with you on that (title). i'll be happy when pearce is a little bit older and doesn't always say "mama!mama!mama!mama!mama!" when with daddy, then daddy thinks that means bring her back to me. great.