Thursday, August 18, 2011

school drool jump in a pool

yay for school! scarlett started another glorious year of pre-school. 3 days a week 8:30 to 1:30! boo yah! she was up before the sun and completely ready by 7:12. she even let me blow dry her hair. it's like she has decided to be a real girl.
as an added bonus she posed for about 10 minutes in the front yard. she insisted on standing with the bouncy ball.

she was especially excited about her new kicks and hello kitty socks. she wanted them to have their own picture. after much thought, she decided to save the keroppi socks for day 2.

drop off was easy peasy.

this was completely unstaged. i am a lucky mom to have my kids like each other this much.

as scarlett would say, BOOMSHAKALAKA!

 after we dropped off scarlett, reagan and i headed to the waterpark with a bunch of girls.  

poor scarlett. but fun for us!

reagan started 1st grade on wednesday. we all overslept and made it to school 20 minutes late. all our celebratory first day of school pictures took place in the car:

or rushing into the school:

or after shoving him into his seat and telling him a quick goodbye!

GO TEAM SIMPSON! way to start the year off right!


Elizabeth said...

Heidi, I love you. You have a wonderful way with words!! Yay for first day of school!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

In all my years of associating with the Simpsons, it seems quite apropos that Reagan was late on his first day of school. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I got to that part of the post. I can only imagine how it went, "Reagan! Get up! Hurry! Let's go! In the car! Ok, we're here! Go, go, go! Ok, here's your seat - bye!" hahahaha

Jessica said...

love it! i feel like we are THAT family who is always running late, too. scarlett's first day of school outfit is so cute. love it. especially her socks and shoes. and the totally candid shot of the two of them holding hands?? priceless. i think you should frame it and put it on the mantle.

Steph and Glen said...

sounds like a good start to a new school year! ;)