Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WAAAYCROSS, where all the ways cross!

more trips for the simpson clan. last weekend we went to waycross for my sister-in-law, mindy's baby shower. i think it was one of my favorite trips as we weren't rushed and we could just enjoy hanging out with family. the only downer was the georgia-tennessee game, which we are not talking about anyway.

reagan decided to get some "ink done" while we were visiting mimi susu. reagan has an affinity for drawing on himself. it happens at least every few days. he keeps me on my toes. he was too fast for me this time. ps-those are NOT my hairy legs. i've only let my hair get that long once, so quit bringing it up!

my dear sweet sisters-in-law, mindy and lauren. i believe that mindy is going to have the largest baby ever. he already weighs more than 5 lbs and she isn't due until november.
the boys, justin, thomas, sean and little reagan.

the whole fam damily. we are outside of the house that justin and mindy recently bought and are renovating.

reagan LOVES all the animals at mimi susu's house. i think he wanted to ride the dogs.
reagan kept pushing my hand through the fence as a gesture for me to go get those goats so he could play with them. i have a feeling that dogs won't be the only animals that find refuge in our home someday.

my favorite picture.
father and son.


laura said...

you know heidi,,,,, reagan migh have a future as an artist... jackson pollock?

Emily said...

those last 2 picutres are beautiful. blow it up. frame it. and put it in the kids room.

love it!!!

Caroline said...

Glad y'all had a good time! I love the last picture. I have a picture of Sydney and Chris at the beach from behind and I love it. Seeing your sister-in-law makes me miss being pregnant!

Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

And you didn't let Reagan ride the dogs? :) Looks like a fun weekend.