Monday, July 17, 2006

the last hurrah of the triumvirate: kim, caroline and heidi

a week and a half ago, reagan and i went to caroline's house to see john evan and to play with sydney in her pool. kimmykimmykimkam and madison came too!

reagan enjoyed the water, but he really wanted to run around on the hot pavement.

madison and kim took turns holding john evan.

last friday, kim and madison came over for swimming and caroline and john evan and sydney joined us for lunch. we made homemade pizza and baked cookies. this was our final playdate together, as kim's family just moved to huntsville and our family is moving to montgomery.

not our best picture, but here we are all together for the last time: kim, heidi and caroline. madison took this photo for us. can you believe she is only 4 years old?


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Cute pictures and no, I can't believe she's only 4 years old. Someone get that girl an agent!

And you look very cute amongst your blond friends. Did you ever feel out of place?? :-)

thomasheidisimpson said...

yes, very lost. i have been researching low-key blonde shades that i can try and do in september. brunette is fun and mysterious(read inexpensive) but i miss my crazy contrast! check out faith hill's hair on the cover of last weeks people. whaddya think?

KKKK said...

NOOOOOO...not the wide angle photo! Oh, well, our beauty shines through anyway! I was so upset that we didn't get a picture after church. p.s. can you mail me some ribs on saturday? I only like them on a charcoal grill with no sauce.

Caroline said...

I cannot believe you posted that ugly picture of us!
We have had some fun times and I will miss y'all so much! I will never forgive y'all for leaving me with all the crazies! HaHa J/K!

Emily said...

this is looks so fun, to play mommy, and do fun stuff with other mommies!! when's my turn??

regarding the hair - i need to go look at the people mag to see faith's hair. i can't wait to see what you choose!! i'm going brown this fall. second time in my life. remeber in college when i did it, and it only lasted a month, and went right back blonde? well this time, i want to keep it the whole season. i need help determining the right shade. it's tricky for me, b/c i have fairer skin with pink undertones. suggestions?