Monday, April 02, 2007

welcome to the jungle

thomas and i have felt very fortunate to be able to rent the house that we are in. we have plenty of room and no loud neighbors to bother us. we live on a cul-de-sac, so our street is usually pretty quiet. there are 2 large parks just down the road from us and our neighborhood is very well maintained. that is, except for one house...
the house next door to us has a nightmare for a yard. in the time since we have lived here, they have never once completely mowed their lawn. i think PARTS of the front yard have been cut maybe twice since august. but they are AUBURN fans, so what do you expect?

this is a photo of their back yard. please note the golf course length grass on our side of the fence. thomas is quite meticulous about keeping our yard presentable. he does an excellent job. unfortunately, he could mow the lawn once every few months and our yard would still look a gabillion times better than the neighbors.

please note the 3 lawnmowers in the backyard. the riding mower is under the blue tarpulin. someone must have actually been in the back yard recently because all winter long, weeds were growing through the two push mowers. when we first moved in, i didn't think there were any windows on the back of their house. when they had their roof redone a few months ago, the roofers had to pull some of the vines off the house in order to get work done. and voila! there were windows!
from this angle you can see parts of a swingset and an old barbeque grill. behind the wooden fence is a swimming pool. i can only guess what condition that is in.
if you look closely, you can see a rusted porch swing.
thomas and i are also grateful that we don't own our house. we can simply pack up and move away at the end of our lease. can you imagine how hard it would be to sell this house with the amazon jungle next door? we would probably have to pay a lawn service ourselves to have their lawn taken care of. if i were them, i would probably just set the entire backyard on fire and burn it to the ground and then start over.


Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

Sad to admit but I think my neighbors probably thought that about our yard before we just recently cleaned it out! But at least we have block fence walls so only the people on either side of us can see into our backyard if they really try . ..

Caroline said...

That is just ridiculous! Imagine what the inside of their house looks like! I think there is someone you can call and report that to-seriously!

Valoree said...

That makes me feel so much better about my yard. I was just looking at the backyard last night thinking how overgrown and junky it looked but nothing even close to that!

Emily said...

so what are the neighbors like? do you ever see them, talk to them? are they complete weirdos?

Thanaglim said...

are they old? invalids?---i wonder what would happen if someone asked them if they needed help with their yard if they'd accept or if they'd kick ya in the head???hmmm...---Kim