Thursday, March 29, 2007

99 days and counting

before i begin, i HATE blogger. this is the second beautifully and artfully crafted blog in a row that i have lost to due the idiocy that is blogger! so, gone is the post about my anticipation of my last 99 days of pregnancy. gone is the exquisitely worded prose about devouring a whole family size bag of cadbury eggs. no more are the stanzas of praise for my wonderful husband and my delightful little boy. lost forever are the humorous stories of pregnancy braindrain and my silly antics that resulted. all you get is this:

a cute picture of thomas and reagan climbing stairs.
the remants of the bag of cadbury mini eggs.
that is all. what does blogger think, that i have all the time in the world to rewrite and repost blogs because of their server and html problems?


Thomas said...

I think you should redraft the part about how great your husband is. Others probably want to hear that. Also, from the picture you posted of Reagan and that wonderful husband on the steps, it looks like the wonderful husband's hairline is receding. We all know that can't be true. It must have been a tough angle.

Caroline said...

I know I hate when that happens! I am a pretty slow typer-so I really get mad. Yum-I didn't know they made mini cadberry eggs!

ventingzebra said...

I may have enjoyed your other post more, but this one was very entertaining and funny. I also liked your break down of ice cream you put on my blog and why it's okay to be food staple.

Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

I'm weird and have had more cravings during the nursing stage and the Cadbury mini eggs have been filling the candy dish at my house and along with my Twizzler nibs - have been a reason for my weekly run to Target.

Im sorry about your blogger problems!

Emily said...

that happens to me when I write really long emails to friends I haven't talked to in forever.... and I just want to quit and just say "hi, bye"