Wednesday, March 14, 2007

reagan 'til you puke

initially, this whole week of blogging was going to be dedicated to my sweetest, stinky boy reagan. he turns 2 on friday and i had a host of ideas for a daily blog about the numerous things i like about him and silly things that he does. but since i only posted on monday, today is going to be a MASSIVE INFLUX OF EVERYTHING REAGAN!

a photo montage entitled
REAGANISMS: snapshots from the life of the boy genius

reagan is not a big tv watcher. about 5 minutes of the doodlebops is about all i can get him to consume. BUT, he loves to watch live! with regis and kelly. at first is was all the clapping and cheering by the audience that drew him in. then it became a love for the trivia-a-sno-go trivia game complete with spinning wheel, fake blizzard and go-go dancer. the regis and kelly theme song will draw him from anywhere in the house like one of pavlov's dogs to his dinner. it is the best 20 minutes of the day. at our house we were especially pleased to hear that regis philbin is recovering so well from his heart surgery. what would our mornings be like without reeg and pipa?

one of the few times a day he is actually sitting still!

this is the other way that i get him to sit still for more than 5 minutes. it was becoming impossible for me to ever take a shower without worrying about what reagan was getting into(or without reagan throwing random household objects in with me. blowdryer, YIKES!). i devised this method of "bundling". i wrap him up in his favorite blankets in our bed and place his animal menagerie around him with a bowl of goldfish snacks and the clock radio at hand. he likes to play DJ with rick and bubba. now showering is a breeze!

other favorite activity: watch the garbage truck eat all the trash cans.

reagan isn't much of a talker in public, but give him a cell phone or a banana and he is non-stop!

i don't know what inspired this ketchupy-faced art work...
but at least he is doing better with sharing.

just like daddy. he is very proud of himself when he wears thomas' hats and often poses in front of the mirror with them on. and then sometimes he climbs on the bed and practices karate moves with them on,(complete with WHOA! and WOO! and YEAH! noises) while watching himself in the mirror. safety first!

sometimes belts also work for holding up droopy diapers on skinny little boys.

once daddy puts his belt on in the morning, reagan knows it's time for his belt too.

if the gloves don't fit, you must aquit. (that reference is for you thomas!)

while i am folding loads of laundry, reagan will take off his socks and put on some of thomas' athletic socks.
pleased as punch!
just chillin'.

hooray for reagan! you are almost 2 and you are still alive! sometimes i truly am amazed at that feat! especially now that the road and mailbox are so interesting!


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Reagan! Wow, I can hardly believe it's been two years. Where has the time gone???

So what are the big birthday plans? Birthday presents? And most importantly, what will be the birthday cake? If I know you at all, Heidi, I know you've got some great plans up your sleeves. Can't wait to see more!!


Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

That's hilarious that he loves Regis & Kelly. I have become a huge fan myself in recent days since I'm home to watch it now!

He has such personality. I can't wait to see what little Scarlett will be like!

Valoree said...

He is so funny with his little quirks. Cute post. Looks like everyday is an adventure for ya'll!

Meghan said...

He is growing up. What cute pictures!