Thursday, March 08, 2007

it's only thursday

monday- thomas discovers a hose in his truck is leaking and we take it into the dealership. in the afternoon, i notice reagan has been acting differently since he woke up from his nap. as i am picking thomas up it dawns on me what the problem is. my normally very vocal, rambuncitious boy is not opening his mouth. he is making grunting sounds, but he refuses to open his mouth for drinks, snacks, talking or anything. i am even bribing him with junk food that i normally don't let him eat. this continues for quite a while and thomas and i ultimately decide to take reagan to the ER, just in case he has locked his jaw shut and can't open his mouth. like me, reagan is a major jaw grinder and i wonder if he has developed some of the same problems of not being able to open his mouth. at the ER, it takes a large male doctor, a large male nurse, thomas and myself to hold reagan down and pry his mouth open. when his mouth is open, we discover that reagan's mouth is full of food...from lunch...8 HOURS EARLIER. he had been holding food in his mouth all afternoon, including a 4 hour nap! i had no idea. the doctor has no clue as to why he would do this. tests are run and all his body signs were normal. so, we go home.
tuesday- i have to wake reagan up in the morning which is odd because he is almost clockwork with his 6:30am rising. he is pale and lethargic. i am taking thomas to work and reagan keeps falling asleep in his carseat, which and about 1 minute before i drop him off, reagan starts projectile vomiting all over the back seat of the car, including thomas' briefcase. hurray! as i am driving home, in my best mommy sweatshirt and pants no less, i call his pediatrician to see if i can get him in immediately due to yesterday's odd events. i drive to the doctor and carry my vomit covered child to the waiting room. one of my most glamorous moments. the doctor checks reagan out and gives him and injection to reduce to vomiting and diarrhea. the most comforting words ever spoken: "watch out that he doesn't dehydrate because that could kill him with the condition that he is in." thanks, thanks a lot!
for the rest of the day, reagan sleeps like a newborn on a makeshift pillow bed in the middle of the living room. he occasionally wakes up, takes a few sips of water and juice, stares at me groggily and then falls back asleep.
wednesday-reagan wakes up looking a gabillion times better, but still losing all his fluids through diarrhea. he has reverted back to not opening his mouth. this continues all morning. thomas comes home at lunch and prys his mouth back open and reagan GOBBLES down his lunch and juice. then as soon as thomas leaves, reagan decides he likes his mouth better shut.
thursday- THURSDAY ALREADY?! reagan is doing better, and he has made attempts to play with toys and demands chocolate milk. not a lot of food consumed yet, and some diarrhea, but mostly okay. if i knew that any of this was in the mom job description, i may have done a little more negotiating on my wages.


Sarah Beck said...

wow--Reagan sure put you through the ringer this week. Let's hope you don't get it!!! Joshua's had a bout of the flu too this week. Being a mom sure can be fun!

Valoree said...

All I can say is Bless your Heart! That sounds terrible. I'm glad he's feeling better though. It's no fun when your kids are sick.

Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

I'm glad he is feeling better! I can only imagine your surprise that he held food in his mouth for that long. That'll be a story to share with him later on!

Caroline said...

Oh Heidi! Why on earth does crazy stuff always happen to you? Now it is going to take forever to get that smell out of his car seat again. I am so sorry you are ging through this! How awful. It's great your dr. could give you such comfort-HaHa.
I hope he gets much better soon and I hope Thomas gets his truck fixed too!

Emily said...

I would be so confused if that happened to me. you are a trooper. i loved talking to you this week. I miss you!!