Monday, March 19, 2007

reagan's birthday party and the party in my stomach

we seemed to celebrate reagan's birthday all weekend long. i still have all my streamers and decorations up today. this year, opening presents was much more successful than before. reagan relished in the ripping of paper, and was even excited about the gift inside.

opening gifts, alabama-style.

once again we threw a birthday party for reagan. what i had planned was a small playgroup style luncheon for a few friends. what happened was a big party with many friends and their siblings and games and cake and hamburgers and the works. needless to say, thomas and i were exhausted afterward. but, reagan loved it as he had someone to pull him in his wagon during almost the whole party.

meatball, silly mama, reagan and the pinata.

i have had a few requests for a recent pregnancy photo. i will oblige:
this is me at 24 weeks. please note:

A-my hair has not been this long for years!

B-my sexy sweatpants otherwise known as my mama uniform. i think reagan thinks they are part of my legs.

C-my maternity shirt is from downeastbasics. i have been quite pleased with the weight of the fabric, the stretchabililty and springbackability, the shirt length, the cap sleeves and the scoopiness of the neckline. best of all, price-$9.99. they do fit snugly, which i have never shied away from. however, i wish i could at least try on a size larger.

pregnancy update-

cravings- none currently. just enjoying eating lots of different types of food and trying to avoid heartburn.

pain-MAJOR LOWER BACK AND HIP PAIN until last week when i bought a body pillow. has greatly alleviated a good deal of the pain associated with getting up and sitting down and walking and lifting and breathing and being alive. funny, my doctor prescribed me some loritab for my back, but said that i wouldn't be able to drive while i was taking the medication. the thought of staying home all day because i can't drive is more painful to me than back pain.

energy-doing well, enjoying exercising and playing with reagan and meatball, but i do fall asleep almost instantly if i sit down for too long. but then, who remembers me in college? that isn't news to you guys.

moods-some people in this house claim that i am a little more moody than normal. this person uses the term "mean". i have no idea what HE is talking about. just don't cross my path, go ahead and give me what i want, don't question me about anything and we won't have any problems. i am in the motherly way. i glow. i am ripe with ample bosom and ample patience. but for reals yo, thomas is right, i am mean. i HATE other drivers, especially ones that poach your parking space when your groceries aren't even loaded. i DESPISE when the shelves at the store aren't stocked. don't even get me started on not RSVPing to a child's birthday party. and you better not try and cut in front of me when they are passing out the free cookies at Dachshund Days and take the last samoa girl scout cookie box. if i don't have a knife on me, i will cut you with my steely gaze.

skin-much better than last time. might i recommend to you other pregnant women out their struggling with 13-year-old-boy skin, the wal-mart brand of Proactiv solution. last time i was pregnant i just wanted to wear a bag over my head, i was so self-conscious about my skin. apparently i am one of those women who do NOT get gorgeous, radiant skin during pregnancy. this product is fairly reasonable in price, there is no shipping, and you see results in about 2 weeks.
a final note-for those of you with multiple pregnancies under their belts, how have they compared? i have heard many old wives tales about how you carry your baby determines gender, and lots of heartburn is lots of hair, and all that good stuff. for me, this pregnancy has been quite similar to the last. i carried reagan VERY low, i am carrying scarlett just as low. heartburn, very similar to last time, but reagan was slick as an onion when he was born, back pain-always. thoughts?


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Reagan!!! He is so cute in the wagon shots!

Heidi - you coul dbe a pregnancy model!! you look so sleek and your hair is beautifully long! way to go!

Valoree said...

Looks like lots of fun at the party!

You are so cute! Your hair is great and you just make me sick how great you look pregnant!

Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

Target sells a version of "generic" Pro-Active that I love also! Although I have to say I had fabulous skin when I was pregnant but now it's gone back to before. I guess that was my one benefit of being pregnant!

I think you look great! And great job on the party planning.

Caroline said...

You are gorgous! I almost didn't recognize you with that long hair! Love it. I can't believe your dr. prescribed you loratab. I was in SEVERE pain with Sydney and mine never offered anything! So glad you mentioned the proactive. I use it and had no idea they have generic products.
Reagan looks like he had a blast. Where are the pictures of his cake? What was the theme?

Meghan said...

Heidi, you look absolutely gorgous! I just hope I can look that amazing the next time I decide to have a baby.

HappyNewYorker said...

Thanks for the tip on the skin care. I have endured many a pimple this time around. My second pregnancy is going quite different from the first, but I'm only about 17 weeks and have no idea the gender. I may find it's different for a reason.

Back pain, hip pain . . . I hear ya! I'm glad you're doing better with your body pillow. P.S. You do look gorgeous. Way to go with the exercising and keeping in shape!

Shayleen Lunt said...

I just had to give you a shout out for mentioning Down East Basics on your blog. They are wonderful! I have tried a few different kinds and they are the best (even for nursing...they aren't so tight that you can't get the shirt up). I like them better than the $30 undertease one I have!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, you look beautiful! I can't really give you any thoughts about comparing pregnancies yet because I've only experienced the one... and that's good enough for me for at least another year :-)