Monday, March 12, 2007

sun glorious sun!

the weather has been just GREAT lately! everyday for the last few weeks, except the day the tornados blew through(minor detail), have been in the mid 70s and sunny and delicious. like drinking liquid sun. i didn't realize how much the cloudy, overcast weather was affecting my mood! everyday we try and take advantage of this fabulous, rejuvenating weather!

a couple of sundays ago, we went to the local art museum by our house and enjoyed the lake and grounds.

my son is a photographic genius! was this posed you ask? no! he just wants to sit on all sorts of animals! at least this one wasn't real.

feeding the geese and the catfish.

my cute boys.

my attempts at being photojournalistic.

so, i hate the zoo. the kansas city zoo was always stinky, poopy, hot, boring and had no animals. just empty cages. surprisingly, montgomery has a FABULOUS zoo. it is not large, but there are actual animals there and everything is well shaded and not spread out over 8543 acres. and, best of all, a kids play area with swings and a jungle gym and all that. great for kids that get restless just walking around or sitting in a stroller. like mine.

*note-blanket can NOT be left in the stroller while playing. it was wrapped around his waist twice and tied in a knot.

reagan has really started to refuse anything "baby". no booster seats, no baby cups, no baby forks(yikes) and definitely no baby swings. just another one of those battles you lose just to win the war. the blanket must be classified under man-cloth.

hurray! and don't let that little smile deceive you. in that tiny, precious mouth is a frosted mini wheat bite from breakfast. this photo was taken around 11:30am. what a gross habit to develop, but i am getting better at my fishing-food-from-previous-meals-out-of-the-mouth skills.


Valoree said...

The weather here has been great, too. That is a very strange habit that Reagan has developed! Funny but strange!

Jessica said...

cute pictures. and don't worry too much about the food thing. i had a friend out there who would do the same thing, and her pediatrician told her that some kids just hoard food in their mouth.

you look great. i wish i could be a cute pregnant lady like you some day!

Caroline said...

I know this weather is awesome! So good to see a "good" blog update! Really cute pictures. That is hillarious that you tied that blanket on Reagan. John Evan is going to be so different than Sydney. He has a blankie and a passie. GOod news is so far he doesn't have to take the blankie everywhere with him yet-just to bed. What big birthday plans do y'all have?

Emily said...

you are a cute pregnant woman!!! i love how you keep up with styles no matter what. Reagan looks like he's having a blast.