Monday, April 23, 2007

oh april, where art thou?

this month has been crazybusy. i can't believe that i have only posted once so far this month. especially since april is THE BEST month of the year. for various reasons.

we had our friends, the rexs, over for easter dinner and then their little girl and reagan had a egg hunt in our back yard.

reagan still wasn't 100% on the whole get-the-eggs-they-have-candy-inside concept. he really wanted to throw them around the yard. but once we were inside and opened the eggs up, the "yandy" was discovered and tooth decay was enjoyed by all.

this past week we spent time in waycross. thomas had to attend oral arguments in jacksonville, about an hour from waycross, so reagan and i spent the week with bubba and mimi susu.

waycross is a railroad town, which is how it got its name, where the ways cross. we visited the okeefenokee heritage center and toured the okeefenokee chief locomotive.

being at bubba and susu's house was fascinating to reagan. so many things to climb on and so many things to throw. plus, 2 huge dogs, a gazillion cats, and a herd of cattle.

catching up on some reading in susu's sunroom.

no pants makes for the best reading.

also, while in waycross, thomas was sworn in to the georgia bar.

reagan wasn't too impressed, he was really interested in running around the courtroom with a set of keys, trying to find locks that needed opening.

on the trip down, meatball got tired of sitting on his pillow and decided that he wanted to sit on somebody's lap. thomas and i both pushed him away and so he tried for reagan's lap. this last about 20 seconds. reagan thought it was great. meatball realized again that he is not a reagan fan.

posing on the farm.
posing in front of the old, old, old waycross hospital, where actor burt reynolds was born.

>driving back through southern georgia we noticed some true blue georgia fans. if you can't tell, that is a huge 'G' painted on the side of a barn.
a shot of my georgia boys. i think it is so dorky when moms and daughters dress alike. but for some reason i am a sucker when it comes to daddys and little boys.


Paula said...

love, love, love the red shoes. too cute. Was anyone in Thomas' family touched by the crazy fires happening down near Waycross? As far as girl names go, we are currently looking at baby name books, we have no clue.

katherine said...

I just have to say you look great pregnant. When I'm pregnant I just look really fat. Also, I totally agree with the dress-a-like thing. I've never dressed like my three girls, but I must agree that the father and son look a like is very cute.

Thomas said...


No one in my family was "touched" by the "crazy fires." We're a hard-hearted lot, not subject to "touchiness." Also, not a single mobile-home owner in the family has lost his or her mobile mansion as of yet. The fire is still burning, but it is now isolated on the outskirts of town, thankfully.

Valoree said...

Excited to see an update! Love the picture of Reagan and Meatball. Too funny. I also love the pregnancy ticker thing on your blog.

Thanaglim said...

Congrats to Thomas for getting into the GA Bar! Reagan is too cute! Ready for the next one?

Sarah Beck said...

Reagan is looking so much like a little boy! Congrats to Thomas!

Caroline said...

I am so excited for Thomas! Yeah-you are finally looking pregnant now that you only have 10 weeks left!

Emily said...

I love your outfit in front of the hospital!! those red shoes are sassy!

congrats Thomas on your swearing.

Laura said...

hey I have a new blog