Tuesday, February 16, 2010

yikes bikes

busy doesn't even begin to describe this past weekend. chaotic and high calorie. that would sum it up shortly and sweetly. since i don't have time to elaborate, each picture gets 6 words, sometimes less. and you can piece the rest together with your imagination.

bridal shower, but no shower:

great friends, blind person impersonation:

no comment:

matchy matchy, not even planned:

a great haul:

can you see heather?

attention hog at chuck e cheese:

great friends, still no shower:

chuck e cheese=scared to death(seriously, a dancing rat serving food? yikes bikes!)

reagan's affinity for evil, zurg:

best dressed by their mama:

stinky faces for valentine's breaky:

ugly ameoba kiss pancakes:

3 more boxes in freezer:

typical post church fashions:

post church fashion the next generation:
***shirt says, "tina you fat lard, get some dinner." classy. and found in my brothers closet with tags on***

mom's hand in picture-typical sandy:

zurg squared:

practice hair for wedding(not really, don't die natalie)

great food, worstest service EVER:

italian nachos+waistband=maternity pants needed

GIANT reese's peanut butter heart- 180 calories, 10 grams of fat per serving, 4 servings

two minutes flat

thanks for reading:


amanda said...

You're the best.

You do know that, right?

Julianne said...

Hehe, hoho. I've been laughing out loud since the 'blind person impersonation". And the post-church wear from both Hemabe and Scarlett. And your mom's hand in the picture. And the pink "no comments" number.

YAY for Becks!

Meredith said...

Looks like Reagan and your sister both made great hauls! :) And I love that you and your sister look like you get along SO well! That's just awesome!

I'm sorry, again, for not being able to make it to Reagan's party. :(

Lindsey said...

Wish I came too!!!!

Livin' Single said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiii. we look just awful in that zio's picture, which immediately makes it my favorite. last weekend was sooo fun. i got off the plane, and daniel was so excited to see me, and i could only mutter something akin to "hey buddy" because i had so much fun with you guys.
BUTT, (typo, i know) I'm pretty sure that Las Vegas was 65 degrees today. So i stopped missing missouri. but i still miss you.

Merilee said...

Wished I could have heard the Heather squeal when she opened those pajamas.

Nachos looked like they had chocolate syrup covering them. Yum.

Julianne said...

PS - I must add another comment. May I please tell you and your mother how truly excited I was to open our little mailbox and an envelope addressed to us in your mom's handwriting fell out? Truly, I looked and smiled at the handwriting before opening it to find the lovely announcement for Hemabe. And then I smiled again because I like Becks. How nice to see a blast from the past --- your mom's handwriting!

I can't wait to meet Mr. Jolley. Mostly because his name is just wonderful. Mostly also because he's marrying Hemabe, so he must be a goodie.

The High Family- said...

Heather is all grown up. You, your sweet mom and Heather all look fabulous. Bet it was an awesome shower, you know how to party.