Thursday, February 05, 2015

all that is good in the world

I had a baby 12 hours ago!  A premature baby even.
I have not properly bathed, shaved, brushed my teeth, removed my contacts or even washed my face in what feels like daaaays and I'm still sitting on top of the world.
Almost everything has been an ordeal of epic proportions, which I will painstakingly and minutely record on another day, and not at 1:30am.
but I do want to record how happy and wonderful I feel. Nothing went smoothly. My health status fluctuated from minute to minute, from scary to worse. I wasn't allowed to walk. I had no overnight bag. Baby Hersch was the easiest member of the party.  
But no big deal. I ultimately had one of the best days ever.
I saw so many people reach out in service and love to my family.
I had several silly text conversations with my reliably fun, sarcastic and ready to entertain and inform convotextionalists friends. My sweet husband made all school and homefront things happen, even taking a conference call with Blythe on hand(or lap). Just thomas walking in the room made everything feel better.
The Spirit was attending to me through so many mediums and great things happened. 

Herschel Ezra Simpson
February 4th at 1:47pm
3lbs 9 ounces
born at 33 weeks gestation,  7 weeks premature


Emily Curfew said...

Makes me so incredibly happy to read this! I've been a nervous wreck all day thinking about you!! Praying for a good recovery.

HJolley said...

What a great perspective! We are excited to meet Baby Hersch and are hoping you can get some much needed rest.

Devlin Days said...

Wow, Heidi. Congratulations and so glad you felt watched over and attended to. We are truly neve alone. Welcome baby Herschel.

Master P said...

This may just be one of my favorite posts that the internet ever had. I feel love and peace just looking at your face. Thanks for capturing the moment :)

Jessica said...

what a beautiful post!! i'm so glad you're feeling everything good. :)

Ashley said...

You look ridiculously beautiful for having been through what you have. I guess it's true that beauty is happiness. You're glowing. Congratulations and I hope Herschel gets to come home sooner than later (and you, too!).

Channy Fish said...

Just had to pop in and say congrats after Natalie worked me into a panic yesterday and got me stalking friends and strangers alike to get updates on you and baby. So glad you are doing well! I had no idea you had moved here....and why would I, being that I'm a near perfect stranger, occasional cyber-stalker. (We had dinner together once upon a time at the Batliches house when we were newlyweds). But, if you should feel the need for some real-life friendship/help sometime, just let me know since you live near me now!

Lindsey said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy everything worked out. You have a great perspective!

Erin said...

You are an inspiration, my beautiful friend. Love you buckets full! I hope your body heals really quickly, and that Baby Boy breaks all kinds of records in the NICU. Love you!

lrbodine said...

Your attitude is awesome! Many prayers being said still for you and baby boy.