Saturday, January 31, 2015

yo, adrian!

my january pregnancy update:
i watch rocky over and over and over because encore shows at least one of the 6 iterations each saturday night. that's how lame i've become. each saturday, thomas usually does work at night and i sit on the couch with my feet propped up and then i tear up at random times during the movie. like when rocky kisses adrian for the first time. or when rocky gives the speech about going the distance, 
"Cause I was thinkin', it really don't matter if I lose this fight. It really don't matter if this guy opens my head, either. 'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood."
and then there are the requisite dog, baby, and life insurance commercials. so, my face looks like a perpetual crying, blotchy, swollen sumo wrestler. i've always wanted to be asian, but i was thinking more along the lines of daniel larusso's girlfriend in karate kid part 2. 

other january non-pregnancy news:
anywhooo, thomas was able to see georgia wallop lousiville in the belk bowl. i teared up when i got this picture from him because i was so happy for him. he even had to be told to move back from the sidelines. dreams realized. i bought him some new jeans to complete a belk bowl outfit, but he was not very excited about that.

the big kids wanted to stay up and watch the game and find dad on TV. they didn't last too long and i went and slept in my bed because i have no interest in sleeping on the floor ever again for the rest of my life. 

this child still lives here:

scarlett has been letting me practice "fawncy" braids more and more on her hair. we have something extra special planned for valentine's day. 

scarlett made the all A honor roll. the girl cannot spell to save her life, but she is so naturally inquisitive that apparently that is not going to hold her back. her favorite is science. she's especially interested in the ins and outs of male pattern baldness, so the future looks bright. 

we made it down to the georgia aquarium this morning. that place is 'spensive! and like everything in atlanta, it was crowded. i waddled to try and get sympathy from passersby, but to no avail. my kids still had to wait in line like everyone else. 

it was pretty incredible. lots of sharks and fish and whatnot and like my father before me, i read the boring informational placards and learned that the georgia aquarium is the largest in the world and that they have a special sea otter rescue program for baby otters who get separated from their parents. so, naturally, i cried a but a bit about that too. 
i felt kinship with, maris, the beluga whale who is pregnant and due in the spring, just like me. she was pretty lithe and i figure i would be pretty lithe too if i was swimming all day, instead of resting and watching rocky. i have kept up with running 3 miles a few times a week, but it's more like shuffling and gasping in public. then once a week i take a barre class which has to be hilarious to watch because i am clinging to my barre for dear life because my fred flintstone feet cannot support me any more. 

speaking of fred flintstone feet:
grosssssssss. they look like rocky's face at the end of rocky 1,2,3,4, and no one cares about 5, or rocky balboa. 


Jessica said...

hahaha. love it! and i feel for you with the swollen fred flinstone feet. when i was pregnant with ethan, my feet/legs were HORRIBLE. so much edema i could essentially press into my shins and leave a crater. hope these last couple months fly by for you!!

HJolley said...

I LOVE ROCKY! My fave line: "I'm gonna kiss you. You don't got to kiss me back or nuttin' but I'm gonna kiss you." I LOVE IT.

HJolley said...

and when he keeps asking her to sit on his couch with him and he's wearing that gross wife beater. oh man. reminded me of a lot of my first dates at byu, but add in tunnel singing.