Friday, November 02, 2007

heather is the best

my sister turned 23 and got her driver's license yesterday! and she passed parallel parking, a feat i have never even fathomed accomplishing. what a girl, what a milestone. since she is such a great gal, i will post some things about how wonderful she is. some may not make sense, it could sound a bit cryptic, but she will understand.

heather is the best because she speaks romanian. heather is the best because she is a piano prodigy. clair de lune is her forte(haha, music pun). heather is the best because she follows the byu honor code to a T. you might call her the honor code police. ask her about it, sometime. it's a great story. heather is the best sight reader ever. seriously. she can play a song the first time like she was performing in the miss america pageant on tv.
heather is the best because she is very clever and witty. heather is the best because she is very beautiful. she does not, however, have grave's disease, so quit bringing it up. heather is the best because she has perfect pitch, as does my mother. i do not have perfect pitch. i guess that trait doesn't skip generations, it skips sisters.
heather is the best sunshine generation sign-language performer. heather is the best flat iron straightener. heather is the best michael jackson "black or white" interpretive dancer. heather is the best fake blonde. heather is the best owner of toethumbs, or as she calls them, thoes. heather is the best and quickest car sick person. she will barf in a car faster than anyone.
you are the best heather. now that you are home from your mission, go find that gilbert blythe!

love, heidi


Anonymous said...

why did she just get her driver's license?


Sarah Beck said...

I love Heather!

Elizabeth said...

Awww, I love Anne of Green Gables! I want a Gilbert Blythe too! And loved the music pun...:)

Heather said...

wow i didn't know about this until mom just told me. i am flattered and slightly embarrassed (thanks for posting that triple chin photo there). I love you, Heidi. you are my favorite. you are so great. you should be prince william's piano teacher. cut the weave weckbee.